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    Side note: I just found out this morning that most of the other guys in my department actually own nice clothes (some have twice as many suits as me). They simply choose not to wear them... Ever... It's all a matter of personal choice so I don't suppose it matters one way or they other. I just found it interesting.



      Currently a 2L law student. Looking to get a job as a public defender when I graduate. You'd think that dressing somewhat professionally would be the norm in law school, but for a lot of people that's not true. Most folks still dress like they're undergrads, even wearing sweats and flip-flops to class, except when they obviously have an interview and wear (and look completely uncomfortable in) their best, horrible interview suit.

      I sure wish my fellow law students put more thought into their casual attire than they do. Especially since, out here in the Rocky Mountain West, most lawyers dress casually unless they're in court. My mom worked for one of the top firms in my hometown before she started her own practice, and the senior partners there wore Levi's and cowboy boots to the office every day, even to meet with clients. Of course, they mostly represented plaintiffs in civil suits so their clients were much more Joe Average and would probably be more intimidated than impressed by a fast-talking lawyer in a suit. One lesson I'm learning is that the practice of law is all theater, and costume is an important part of the performance.





        My father-in-law is an attorney here in Dallas. He has his own practice and he's totally a one-man show. That being said, he always dresses well for work, even when all he's doing is going to his office that he shares with nobody. However, his office is in a building with a lot of powerful people that he encounters on a casual basis.

        You never know who you're going to see so why not be prepared for everything? This is still Texas, though, so boots aren't COMPLETELY out of the question (especially for a court day in Fort Worth). :-) Once he was passing George W. Bush (who shares office space in the same building) in the parking garage, and the President complimented him on his clothes. So you just never know...

        Side note: It's always seemed to me that dressing professionally gets a person into a mindset to work and act professionally. When I was an undergrad, I would sometimes dress up for major tests. It just helped me feel more prepared.

        Second side note: When I'm on campus for class, I can always tell the full-time MBA's from the professional MBA's. The full-timers look like how you're describing your fellow law students.



          I work in our family tree & landscape business, but my wife is the breadwinner.

          Most of the time, I'm in outdoor work clothes, but I've had my work shirt tailored to reduce the sail factor. For whatever reason, uniform manufacturers are not on board with the tailored concept.

          Here, I look pretty flamboyant wearing a grey fleece scarf, but I'll take it. Whenever I get to dress up, I get pretty excited. It's nice to change out of dirty clothes and look good.

          Alan - I graduated with my MBA in '06. I got a small raise from my dad. I hope you get a bigger raise!



            Molecular Biologist/Clinical Research Coordinator for a probiotic biotech company here in eastern PA. Shout out to Kibow Biotech!!

            If anyone has any kidney problems or just needs probiotics for overall health check us out at!!



              BenR, where do you go to school? I am a 1L in Colorado.




                Thanks! I have NO idea what I'll be doing when I graduate, but here's hoping for that raise. :-)



                  I am a Professor of Biology at a UC in southern California. Just moved out from the midwest about a year ago.



                    CaliProf - We're looking to move to SFO for her tech business from here in Milwaukee as soon we can adopt our foster kid. My wife's there now with 65 degree weather, and I'm plowing and salting snow today. =D



                      I am a pricing analyst in the solid waste industry. I live and work in a suburb of San Diego called Chula Vista. Currently in the last semester of Texas A & M Online MBA program.

                      I am transitioning from an occasional preppy casual to a full time preppy casual. Think J Crew. I work in the trash business so blue and khaki chinos with OCBD abound. I try to spice it up a bit, today its Tan Bonobos Cords and a Chaps blue plaid shirt with Clarks Chukkas.



                        @nicholascrawford - godspeed on the adoption. Kids and wife are 100% of the reason I wear button downs/sweaters/anything but gym wear. Since I'm a doctor spending 98% of the day in scrubs, my dress has no bearing on work and it really doesn't matter what I wear in the commute. But gotta look good for the fam!

                        @ Alan's comment with co-workers having nicer wardrobes but electing not to wear 'em: I bet part of it is the dry cleaner tab associated with dressing up when not required. I have ~20 fun fitted white button downs, but rarely wear them - after the 4th wash its to the cleaners for pressing/minimize collar stain. Suppose that's why the workwear trend, and also the "REI" dad look is popular among my colleagues who don't have to suit up for clinic.



                          Figured I would chime in with what I do. I work for an engineering company in NJ. We do site/civil, geotechnical, and environmental. I guess our claim to fame is desingning the building foundations for MetLife Stadium (Giants and Jets stadium) and Prudential Center (NJ Devils).

                          This site has helped me transition from field work into my current office position (with the occassional field work). Now I look forward to wearing a tie once a week and looking shapr instead of dreading it.



                            Full-time Student with split interest between Digital Media Game Development and Screenwriting/Playwriting/Creative Writing. Not sure which I will end up in. Either way, I am interested in entertainment creation.



                              @BenR & Hardrain

                              I'm in law school, too! I'm a 3L in Virginia, and am looking forward to graduating, though finding a job will be difficult in this economy.




                                The dry cleaning bill can't be completely ignored, but I think that more than anything it's just personal choice on my co-workers' part. They feel more comfortable not dressing up. For me, though, suits and ties don't feel stuffy any more. And slacks have ALWAYS been more comfortable than jeans since they're lighter and softer.

                                Yet people at my company go CRAZY with excitement when they're allowed to wear jeans. They actually have fund raisers where you can buy the right to wear jeans for a week for $10, and they get a LOT of participation. *shrug*