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So what do you do for a living?

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    So what do you do for a living?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. So I was wondering what everyone did for a living that allows you the luxury of dressing nice. I graduated undergrad last May and luckily found a good job right out of school. I have been trying to upgrade my personal style but have been having trouble with my work attire. The thing is I work in the continuous improvement department of a steel manufacturer and my office is located inside a steel mill. The better I dress the more disconnected I feel from the union workers in the mill. It's also a tough environment to dress nice in because it can reach upper 90's in the summer but falls below freezing in the winter (there's also a lot of required safety gear I get to wear). I have been going with polo's for the summer and just button ups/oxfords here in the winter. But enough about me, what do all of you do for a living?


    I work with kindergarteners and 1st graders with special needs, autism specifically. I also have a hard time dressing very nicely at work just because my clothes get dirty. For work, except tie day Friday, the most I do is a sweater over a dress shirt with chinos. Today is jeans, a custom RL rugby, and chukkas. So usually pretty casual but I try to keep the items fitted and nice. I'm still known as the "dressed up" guy.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I work in the Financial Industry.

      Wells Fargo specifically, Private Banking. I constantly see clients with 500k+ in investments. Its key to look sharp in a suit everyday. No one appreciates a slouch handling that kind of money for you.



        Journalist extraordinaire, here. I spend my days as the editor of an airline industry magazine, my nights freelancing about music.



          I work as an engineer in the automotive industry. Slowly trying to upgrade & update my wardrobe to help shed the 'engineers can't dress' stereotype, but in my line of work, i've seen some big style disasters.



            I'm a mechanical drafter at an engineering firm. I recently graduated and was able to have this job waiting for me as soon as I got out. I usually wear a tie 2-3 times a week, along with chinos and a button up. If it's cool, then a v-neck sweater or cardigan. Today it's a J.Crew gingham button up, solid grey wool tie, olive chinos, and chocolate cap toe oxfords. I try to keep everything slim and fitted.

            My office is rather casual, with everyone usually in polos and khakis. I've been here for about a month and already am the "well dressed" guy too.



              I'm currently the idle rich.

              Without the rich part.



                Some good responses so far. It's interesting to see how diverse the community of the style conscious is, and how what your job is can affect what you wear on a daily basis.



                  I build software. I spent 10+ years doing the software engineering standard of jeans and looking sloppy until this summer when I finally decided to start dressing like a grownup. Now I wear ties most days, sportcoats half the time or so, and v-neck sweaters most days. Now I've got half the other guys in my office wearing ties everyday too

                  At some point you realize you're not being "different" by dressing like a teenager still... I'm much further from the norm now than I was then.



                    IT/network engineer in downtown NYC here



                      Advertising; account management.



                        University Professor



                          Surgeon. Meaning i wear adult clothes from home to work, scrubs all day, then clothes home.

                          90% of the time its gym wear since thats where i go after work.



                            Finance in a very casual office. I usually wear slacks or chinos and a dress shirt Mon-Thurs. Fridays I wear Jeans and a OCBD. If cold, I add a cardigan or a v-neck sweater. Only wear a suit and tie when I have a business meeting with one of our banks.



                              I'm a Senior Applications Developer (aka programmer) in charge of maintaining our company's six websites, numerous internal applications, and a lot of integration projects with clients and vendors (mostly vendors).

                              In some companies, software guys fall under the department they service. In others, it just falls under IT. In my case, it's the latter. As an IT member, I'm surrounded by a lot of guys that dress to the bare minimum of company policy (and often below it).

                              Just by previously showing up in a rolled-up, buttoned-down shirt and slacks, I was known as the most dressed up guy in the department - including managers. However, I do kind of stick out like a sore thumb since I've started wearing suits and ties to work. I've received daily comments about it - a few jokes, but mostly just people noticing. One guy calls me "the professor" because of my fondness for combining ties and sweaters... Whatever... This is a relatively new thing for me so I'm not surprised that people are caught off guard. Outside the IT department, though, our floor is mostly women, and they're all full of compliments.

                              I'm also currently in an MBA program. Everyone else in the program is overwhelmingly from the corporate world so there are a lot of suits and ties in there. It's more of a uniform for them, though. Not a lot of super snappy dressers, but they look good. I even haven't even been hitting that bar until recently, though. I go back to class today, having coming off of a one-month school vacation. I expecy my direct teammates will notice, but for everyone else it'll be business as usual.

                              So there you go - my typically long-winded reply to what should have been a simple question.