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y'all watching anything good on tv?

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    @greg_s - Don't get me wrong, I'm sure now more than ever people are stunningly entertained by the characters' mutations and how they behave amongst themselves on Breaking Bad. My point was that a large hook of the show is the setting and basis for the characters being where they are and the inevitable unusual occurrences that come with being a drug-dealing meth lord schoolteacher.

    Mad Men uses no such hook or improbable circumstance to build its time, place, and people, which to my perspective, gives it a certain dimension of its own credit that comes with making ordinary so melodically extraordinary.

    Breaking Bad is excellent for what it is, but it is a show that also had a deliciously imaginative plot foundation to start running wild with. Mad Men has turned what could have been so familiarly touchable existences into TV history (being the only cable show to win Best Drama, and having done so every time so far) and in some ways, a reflection of a history we can believe in being possible and lovably just out of reach thanks to irretrievable passing time.

    I have a friend who loves Breaking Bad because he "Just knows something has to happen." He knows that things can't be about just what it is to be living for long in that show's world because something will happen. He can't, however, follow Mad Men because he said "it's about living and thinking, not what is going to happen to their situation." Arguably, both these great AMC shows have both eventfulness and character drama built in well, but I think each of them is conceptually mastered from one or the other in their origins.

    What I simply meant was, Breaking Bad has something happening specifically to move the show along from day one. There is an unavoidable plot that the show was conceived with that you know from episode 1 is the gunpowder that it all revolves around. Mad Men has a different approach where the characters have to be the gunpowder. There's no foreseeable big bang like on Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, so in that way, I feel eventfulness is part of the core of those shows when Mad Men has essentially the characters to live for.

    Walter White just wouldn't be that interesting if we had never hopped on the Breaking Bad roller coaster. And when the ride is over, we'll be ready and certain that the show is over. Mad Men is more like a long drive at night when you just don't know where your head will draw you until you get there.

    Things like this are so hypnotic to me when you're just another person out there who believes something is in that look that you know and want to search deeper beneath, too:



      1. The Wire

      2. Mad Men

      3. everything else

      I think Mad Men is a few levels above Dexter and slightly edges out Breaking Bad, imo.



        Currently... Breaking Bad, Suits, and The Newsroom. Waiting for the return of... The League and Always Sunny as well



          For me, "Breaking Bad" is the show to watch. Vince Gilligan weaves so many layers into each episode that reveal themselves after repeated viewings. It's like "Arrested Development" in a way, except dark.



            I'm getting really excited to start Breaking Bad.

            Also, in the spirit of Dappered, the website analyzes the costuming of each episode of Mad Men. It's interesting not only for thinking about current and historical mens' style -- those guys use the costuming to analyze plot and character development, which is pretty cool. I'm not sure they do that for the first couple of seasons, though.



              Breaking Bad until I die! Seriously though, it's the best show on television. Mad Men is close on its heels.

              "The principle can be established that for a man who does not cheat, what he believes to be true must determine his action."
              -- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus



                For me it is Dexter at number 1, then Breaking Bad damn near overlapping with it.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  What do you guys think about the new fall lineup? I think Last Resort had the best pilot so far. It's the one about the nuclear submarine crew; there was lots of suspense and good production value.



                    Haven't watched any new tv shows, but I'm pretty excited about Sons of Anarchy being back and with the addition of Jimmy Smits to the cast.



                      I'm pretty excited for the return of Homeland. My wife and I started watching it last season kind of on a "meh, who knows..." whim and we wound up really enjoying it. It's well-acted, well-written and has lots of tension and suspense that never seems *so* cockamamie that I can't suspend disbelief.



                        We are giving a few new shows a shot this year.

                        Revolution - Seems to have started off slow hope it picks up before it gets canceled

                        Mob Doctor - Some great eye candy but the plot is week.

                        Vegas - next week

                        Last Resort - should be the new show of the year. I have high hopes for this.

                        I am most looking forward to the return of:

                        Big Bang Theory

                        2 Broke Girls

                        Person of Interest



                          Mad Men

                          Sons of Anarchy


                          Weeds (which is now over)

                          and mostly for this time of year...Football!

                          Does anybody watch reality TV? I can't get into most of it but I really love the Amazing Race and I just started watching Big Brother this season, it's okay.



                            I'll never understand what other people see in Mad Men. I watched halfway through season 3 before I gave up. As far as I can tell, it's just a pointless, meandering soap opera dressed up in '60s clothes. And I don't think any of the characters (including and especially Don Draper) are as interesting or complex as they're made out to be. Don is an arrogant, self-entitled asshole whose (completely unbelievable) tragic backstory is supposed to somehow make him tortured, complex, and sympathetic. He is just a male Mary Sue.




                              @BenR-I do agree that many people give Mad Men too much credit, however I think it is better a lot of what is on TV. Season 5 was a little deeper than previous seasons were, I definitely think the show took a turn for the better with season 5. I personally like it because of the style and the design of that time. For example in "The Jet Set" Don stayed at this awesome mid-century house in LA. I am curious as to what is so unbelievable about Don's backstory, just because I think for the time that would've happened, it seems plausible.



                                @BenR - While I can't agree with most of what you said, I do think some people mistakingly put Don Draper out there as deeper than he is. I think he is important and well-developed in the show, but people sometimes seem to give him more credit than his situations when often times it is the show that makes the man stand out.