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y'all watching anything good on tv?

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    Mad Men is a big favorite right now. As is Downton Abbey.

    I love Parks & Rec, too. I'll be buying Game of Thrones Ssn 1 on Blu Ray this week and then I'll subscribe to HBO for Season 2.

    @LosRockets USA shows are somewhat lower budget than the CBS, ABC, and (some) NBC shows because USA is a basic cable network and not a full broadcast network. Compared to NBC they get good ratings, but they are still in that range of successful cable network.

    As for Sherlock, it is indeed now on Netflix so I have been meaning to catch it.



      Aren't White Collar & Suits USA shows? Don't seem "low value" to me.



        @Cannon, I don't really see the low-value-ness. I've watched Chuck or Alias and feel like the production on that is absolutely awful compared to Burn Notice (three very different shows with a superficial common theme). Obviously we're splitting hairs over something that doesn't concern or affect us in the least, just making an observation.

        @pratyk, yup. I used to watch suits and still watch White Collar! USA Network in HD looks gorgeous.

        Anybody else stopped watching the Office? So disappointed. On the other hand I caught the first episode of Veep. Not bad, will watch another.



          This season of the Office is so-so, however, the latest episode is one of the best in a long time.



            I still watch The Office. It is light and easy comedy these days, but if you have been with the gang for years, it is nice to stick around.

            @LosRockets Well I don't think they are low value either, which is why I didn't say it. I love Burn Notice and think it stands up great!



              Suits is back in June..



                I just started watching Game of Thrones. I haven't decided how much I like it yet. Quite the production, either way. I love Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Californication.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Game of Thrones is probably my favorite show right now, and I'm enjoying Veep and Girls right after it. I think Thursday is still my favorite night of TV though (just NBC now that Archer is done for the season).


                  Haha, I actually thought the opposite about last week's show. I had been really enjoying this season so far. I really liked the new plot line down in Florida, and everything just felt fresh for the first time in years. However, this whole Nelly/Andy controversy has just been a train wreck IMHO (and not the good kind). I will say that I did enjoy the auction subplot with Dwight though.

                  Don't get me wrong though, I'm going to keep watching it.



                    Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to check out Sherlock on Netflix, I just watched the trailer Joe posted in the article today...looks really good



                      Game of Thrones is incredible. Can't wait until Boardwalk Empire starts again. By far the best TV show I've ever seen. Other than that, I'm totally addicted to the channel Velocity. I can't get enough of the car shows.



                        @Deke, I agree. Nelly is somewhat annoying as a character. She does bring in some interesting plot twists, but I just don't find her character very amusing. What I liked about the last episode was the focus on more minor characters (Ryan's opener was fantastic, Oscar had some funny moments, Kevin was great, etc.)



                          The Office still has some funny moments, but it's really gone downhill since Steve Carell left.



                            Bought Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray. Incredible show. Will gladly get an HBO subscription once I run through season 1.



                              Mad Men has wrapped season five and it was glorious. Of course I would think so with it paying homage to James Bond numerous times throughout the finale, most especially at the close. I look forward to season six and dread the final season seven for it being so final.

                              Watch this show guys. Some of my favorite settings and drama ever in entertainment.



                                Top Gear on BBC American, I really can't stand the the American Top Gear version. Isn't just not as funny,seems like they try to hard, plus BBC's top gear gets all the better version of the car the US can't get.

                                Tosh.0, Workaholics, Family Guy, I also watch alot of Nat Geo,Nat Geo wild, HGTV, Speed Channel....