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y'all watching anything good on tv?

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    @BenR The pirated video site? Good riddance. The creators spend money and time on these shows and rely on the revenue it brings in through legal channels. How would you feel if people didn't pay for your work? I know it would matter to me if someone stole my music, pictures, or video that took time and ideas.

    Mad Men has earned my money!



      I liked to watch shows on Megavideo, and then buy them if they were any good. I tend to be a re-watcher of shows that I enjoy, but I don't get TV at all and shows on DVD are so expensive that I don't want to waste my money on a show I don't know if I'll like or not.

      I have a hard time sympathizing with people who get outraged by online piracy when, in reality, there are plenty of ways of watching a show without paying for it - watching on your friend's TV, borrowing the DVDs from your roommate - and these methods are viewed as benign, while watching the show online suddenly raises all kinds of hackles.




        Times have changed. They need to keep up with technology and find a business model that works with the internet (like finding a way to make money from advertising while airing your shows online). I live in Canada and dont get the channels a lot of the american dramas are shown on. I am not going to order a whole tv station for 1 show. My only choice is to watch them online. If they showed them online and had commercials or advertisements, I would be happy to have them earn money off me watching it, but as it stands, there is no efficient way for me to watch it without watching pirated videos. Furthermore, if you cant be there when the episode airs, and dont have a recording device, youre SOL. Where do you go to watch it next? The internet. Its really their fault for not adapting to the changes the internet has provided.

        On topic, Sons of Anarchy is another very well done show that is currently between seasons, so you have time to catch up!



          ^ That. If more networks would put their shows on websites like Hulu, I would be happy to sit through their stupid ads.

          IIRC, SciFi (now SyFy) used to put Battlestar Galactica episodes online a couple days after they would show on TV. And the episodes would only be available to watch online for a few weeks. To me, self-protective measures like that are tolerable. If, on the other hand, the networks give me only the choice to pay $$$ per month to watch one show that I may or may not like, or go through pirate sites for free, that's a pretty simple choice to make. Focuspants is right - this is more about networks' failure to adapt to modern technology. Pirate sites are making money by filling a niche that the networks themselves could be exploiting, but are not.




            Don't steal content. My last words on this to avoid too much off-topicism:

            @BenR The methods you listed are all legal channels that the companies incorporate. Through those means, access has been paid for to be used in the ways you mentioned on TV, or borrowed DVDs. Watching first, deciding you didn't care enough to buy it is just stealing access when nobody bought a copy that you are viewing and you may never pay for it if you don't like it. I watch shows online primarily, but through legal means. The only show I watch on Live broadcast is The Walking Dead, but I buy it on Blu Ray after so I have another way to get to it legally if I miss episodes or want to revisit.

            I can't see why Hulu Plus, Netflix Streaming, and Netflix DVDs for around $25 a month can't satisfy you legally. Most shows and movies can be accessed through those means instantly, and for DVDs I can send them out on Monday and have a new one Wednesday.

            @Focuspants If you feel that stealing a show is the best option because you don't want to pay for TV, that's your choice. You determine that value and if the channel isn't worth it, don't buy it, but I can't recommend stealing it. Where are you and what content is missing? All our major networks upload shows the next day in the US.

            Here in the US, most major shows are uploaded for viewing online with limited ads. Not sure why Canada is behind in that department, but ripping off content is not some necessary action like you make it sound. 'I want that TV show from America, so I get to steal it.' That's not how my thought process goes when I want shows from the UK.

            I don't dislike people for stealing content, but I don't agree with it and don't do it myself.



              All shows that are available on their stations websites with commercials, I watch there to support the show and the network. However, our options for viewing American TV dramas are extremely limited at best. We cant use Hulu, Our Netflix is terrible and is ages behind in what it offers, and many of the sites that air the shows online for American citizens, are not viewable here. If my only choice is to pay for a network for a year, so I can watch 1 show, they clearly made no effort to make available to me in any way shape or form, or to pirate it, then unfortunately they lose my business.

              You cant blame the customer, as much as they want to. The onus is on them to make their product available. If it isnt, then someone else will make it available, and take that business from them.



                Walking dead, the office



                  30 Rock's second ever Live Show aired just now for us East coast viewers. They will perform it again for the West coast later tonight. It was very, very fun to watch, especially if you also watch Mad Men.

                  Guest starred Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, Donald Glover, Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Jimmy Fallon, and Cheyenne Jackson. Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Tracy Morgan were great, too.

                  Very fun and I hope they do it next season for one last round.

                  I'll miss this show a lot when it ends.



                    Does anyone watch Awake? It's really good in my opinion, a good blend of cop-drama, character-drama, and "sci-fi".



                      @thmage I've been meaning to check Awake out, the premise seemed really interesting when I first saw the ads for it, kind of reminded me a little bit of Fringe which I really like

                      ...but my favorites right now have to be Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Fringe, Breaking Bad, House of Lies, Homeland, and I actually thought Suits on USA was pretty solid too



                        Awake is face-lickingly good.



                          @Pitt, Parks&Rec only gets better and better. I've been meaning to check out Suits. Even though they're lower value, I find USA shows to be really enjoyable.



                            For those of you who have HBO, the first two episodes of Girls have been fantastic.



                              Caught up on Game of Thrones, and the current season has been great. Also what do you mean by "lower value" for USA shows @thmage? Judging by Psych and Burn Notice the shows seem to be pretty big-budget.

                              Also want to put a plug in for the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes (I believe it was called "Sherlock") - 2 seasons. Each one is three massive episodes. Top-notch production values, the wardrobes are actually freaking incredible, and each episode is really well-made and has you surprised until the end. Hoping for a season 3!



                                I've been through most of BBC series on Netflix (Sherlock, The Hour, Luther, State of Play) and currently watching through Kingdom & Kingdom (Stephen Fry.. whose Stephen Frey in America was a very well made show with a good amount of insight and commentary on how a brit views America as he finds out more about it through his travels)