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y'all watching anything good on tv?

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    Yeah, I know Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are basically co-leads, but I really think of Danes as the star. And her character is more interesting to me than Lewis' tortured (literally and figuratively) antihero. She seems more like a person you might actually know (and probably hate) and less like a fictional contrivance.




      Luther on bbc America is pretty good. Idris Alba from the Wire.



        Oh and Archer is absolutely phenomenal.



          30 Rock. One of my all-time favorites.

          Currently, my shows are on break.

          I love Mad Men, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, Arrested Development (new reunion season films next year!), Parks and Recreation (Iffy on this one. I watch it for Ron Swanson and would only really miss him if this were cancelled), The Walking Dead, and I pre-ordered Game of Thrones on Blu Ray.

          To the question of if I notice their styles, yes! Don Draper Caravan sunglasses and casual wear are the most eye-catching to me.

          Must admit I am more of a movie guy though. I am currently in the middle of a Matrix BluRay run-through, then I will move on to Lord of the Rings, Casino Royale, and HP and the Deathly Hallows P:I&II. Probably Gangs of New York also. Just saw Layer Cake and loved it.

          I ordered Vanilla Sky to rewatch on DVD since it isn't out on Blu yet.

          I find that most TV dramas can't hold me because their budgets are too low for the quality to be convincing. Some work, and Mad Men took the smart route of going for cinematic camera style as part of its concept and budget. But dang, those CBS crime/cop/investigation shows just don't hold me. I like dry humor and find that I can handle that on a TV style budget and feel.



            I watch mostly comedies. How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec. I used to watch The Office but it really hasn't done it for me the past few years so I stopped.

            Now, the writing is no good, the dinosaurs aren't the best, and the show's a bit underwhelming, but...I *love* Terra Nova. DINOSAURS, MAN.



              +1 for Luther on the Beeb. I caught it on Netflix last year and was hooked. Idris is just incredible and I love how British TV requires that you pay attention. (See also: MI-5/Spooks)

              I've been feeding my Mad Men addiction. I decided to give the show a shot a few months ago and have been plowing through the seasons since. I'm just about midway through Season 4. Good to see Sterling Cooper et al got the Honda account!



                Yeah, I like me some bbc dramas, and watched Luther already. Also check "the last enemy" miniseries w/ Benedict Cumberbatch. Mi-5 was good for first few seasons...did tail off a little.



                  +1 for Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory and BBC's Sherlock series. Is it really back next month? I can't wait.



                    Mad Men returns March 25



                      I've gotta watch an episode every 4 days to catch up for the new season. =))

                      Other than that, I haven't been obsessing about Mad Men.



                        Justified. It is amazing.



                          I love the campaign posters with just the small falling guy and the date. Such a great look and amazing that the intro has such a brand name. The posters are all over in NYC (subways, public phones, etc.). Also, January Jones... amazing. Never a huge Peggy fan, but that's a pretty good picture of her.



                            My favorites that are currently on TV (sort of in order, although I'd say the top 3 are tied):


                            Parks and Rec


                            Eastbound and Down

                            Walking Dead

                            Modern Family

                            I watch a few other things regularly (New Girl, HIMYM, Happy Endings, Thursday night NBC), but those above are the ones that I don't miss.

                            I've been meaning to start Mad Men from the beginning for a couple years now, but just haven't gotten around to it.


                            The Office has picked it back up this season. As much as I like Steve Carrel, Michael Scott was starting to get very stale and I think his departure was the best thing to happen to the show in awhile. This season has had a few episodes better than anything in the past 3 or so IMHO, and they've started a pretty fresh feeling story line.



                              My favorites are Modern Family, Happy Endings, Alcatraz, Homeland, Downton Abbey...

                              Something about Downton Abbey is so addictive. I've watched both seasons of the iTV 1 British version after my girlfriend suggested I watch it. And the men's WW1 era style is pretty cool too. I wouldn't mind wearing some of Matthew Crawley's suits.



                                As long as this thread is back to live, I gotta say... I'm really sad that Megavideo is dead. It was the only reliable source I found to watch TV on the internet. I will never watch TV again. ;_;