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Tailors in Los Angeles?

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    Tailors in Los Angeles?

    Hi everybody, I was looking for a new tailor in LA; specifically on the Westside. It would be great if there were something like AOM barber finder:

    the style forums used to have a thread, but it was a hundred pages and impossible to find anything in. Figured it'd be worth asking here.

    Also may be in the process of looking for a new dry cleaner as well. Current one is great except they shrunk nearly all of my dress shirts! Now I can barely button the top button which is aggravating as hell.




    Try Lizon Tailors. I've been very pleased with the results

    Details Magazine shout out

    For Denim specialists (I have used Lizon for Denim) mixed reviews for both below

    Denim Doctors & Hollywood Trading Company

    Denim Revival



      Thanks, I'll have to check them out as they're relatively close to where I live. Place seems awfully expensive though, don't you think ($60-100 to tailor a shirt?!)?



        You could be right on price. I didn't shop around for price but looked at Yelp and positive feedback. I haven't had any shirts tailored mainly suits and sports coats which can add up for sleeve length, sides taken in and collar adjustment if needed.




          I'm also in LA...what did you find out? Did you try Lizon?

          Nobody else in LA?...sorta stunned to only see a couple responses and only one recommendation.

          Cleaners: I go to these guys and they are great! Sort of spendy, but I tried many others around and the price/comfort was worth it to me. They are very good. ( I have to go every couple weeks as I have to wear a shirt/tie everyday )


          Anyway, thanks all for the info!



            Lizon altered a pair of suit pants for me...done nicely. I took him a couple more pairs and we'll see, but he really seems promising!

            Wheeeew! It will be a great day when I can comfortably say..."I got a guy!"

            Thanks for the tip Adventurer627!



              Altered as in hemmed or altered as in something more drastic? I was looking to have two suit pants tailored to taper the legs slightly. Not sure what they'd charge for this.

              Guess I'll have to check Lizon out.



                I'm also in LA and am desperate to find a tailor I can trust that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Also it would help is they speak English. I recently had a shirt taken in by Jack's Tailor Shop in Glendale... I specifically said to do it at the sides and he darted the shirt Lizon looks too expense and far away from me. There has got to be somebody this city who can tailor a shirt!


                  I work in the Glendale area too, but I still have yet to find a good shop either. I was hoping for some recommendations closer to this area or in the north San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley. Anyone have any luck recently?