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    Do they? I didn't know that! I learned something new today.



      It's official! We signed the paperwork this morning, and we'll be back to pick her up this afternoon!



        ebay help requested:

        So I sent a guy a legitimate item through ebay - now he's opened a claim saying it's fake and he wants his money back.

        The item wasn't fake, and I don't really want to deal with the hassle of sending his money back, having to resell the item, and losing ebay/paypal fees + shipping in the process. I'm worried however that ebay seems to always side with buyers, and if I don't refund his money that he could end up with the item and his money and I would get screwed.

        Since he opened a claim they already put a hold on the $$ going to my paypal.




          Typically they make the buyer send back the product if they want a refund.



            Ben, I went through EXACTLY the same problem you're going through. The good news is I can offer advice...the bad news is, you're right that eBay always sides with the buyer, no matter how stupid.

            I had a Mont Blanc pen that was ingraved with company logo, which I stated clearly THREE times in listing. I was selling it for about 1/3 of what it would cost retail, and some guy bought it quickly. He contacted me saying it was for his son's graduation, which was in three days, so could I send it via Express Delivery. I stupidly said ok & told him that I'd cover the extra cost.

            He gets the pen and two days later sends me a freak-out email about how I was trying to rip him off and why would he give his son a pen with a company logo. When I asked how he missed the fact that it had a logo engraved, thus the incredibly low price, he said (quote) "well, I didn't read the listing. I just saw the headline and bought it".

            He filed a claim with eBay, locking up the payment (I had already moved the funds into another account, which overdrafted my account when I got the chargeback, thus resulting in bank fees). I filled a counterclaim, resulting in "negotiations", which is basically eBay saying "we don't care how wrong the buyer was or that he didn't even bother to read the listing, we don't want to piss off buyers" and sent him his money back, saying he was just responsible for return shipping.

            Of course, he sent it back media mail, which cost him about two bucks. All in all, I ended up eating about $50 between expedited shipping, eBay fees (which they eventually returned after a lot of fighting, but as "seller credit" towards future eBay sales fees, not as cash), PayPal fees & bank fees.

            I've never sold an item on eBay since. Sure eBay needs buyers to feel safe (I'm one of them, so I understand), but if people don't feel safe to sell, there's no items to buy and thus, no eBay.



              Another thing I've learned as a seller is to ALWAYS ship with a tracking number. That way you have evidence if they claim they never received it demand a refund. It's pretty much ebay policy that if you can't prove that the buyer received it, then they didn't receive it.



                You're gonna have to refund and accept the return. Do NOT return the money until you get the item back.






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                          From what I can tell, I don't think her being sexy has anything to do with what she's doing or riding...



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