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Esquire's 80th

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    Esquire's 80th

    Picked up the current issue of Esquire (the mag's 80th birthday) on the way home from work tonight. Looking forward to reading it. I find that I'm more Esquire than GQ these days (years).

    Then later tonight (now) I click on the tube and see a special - "Esquire's 80th" hosted/narrated by John Slattery - on ESQTV, a channel I wasn't even aware I had.

    Until now.


    So far it's a pretty solid program. Might wanna check it out, fellas.

    I'm torn on the GQ vs. Esquire issue. I usually only read either of them when I'm flying somewhere; I pick both up at the airport. Esquire's overall sensibility is more my speed. It's a little less "bro" in its presentation - for example, Esquire is slightly less likely to illustrate a point by referring to some person or event related to the NFL - about which I'm basically completely ignorant (I'm not shitting on being a football fan here; it's just not my thing).

    However, I often find that I prefer GQ's content. The articles are often on subjects that are more interesting to me, even if the writing kind of drives me nuts (and it does drive me nuts - way too much emphasis on cleverness and way too little on just getting the information out in a coherent way). There are some things in Esquire that I love, though. Their cocktail guy is a national treasure.

    I haven't seen anything on the network, but it sounds like it has some promise. I'm OK with anything that presents the concept of "for men" in a way that isn't the Spike network.


      I just had a look at the Network's schedule. Looks like a marathon of Top Chef followed by a few episodes of Sex & the City. Guess they are still trying to figure out their programming...


        Uh. Oh. Hmnnnn...

        Well, maybe it'll get its act together. Hope so. That anniversary/birthday show was pretty damn good. Some nice insight on the writing, through the years, by the writers and the editors, and a little behind-the-scenes on the photoshoots and interviews too.


          Definitely seems interesting. I'll keep an eye on the schedule as I'm sure it's bound to find its niche. The 80th Birthday Special sounds pretty interesting and it looks like they are replaying it through the week. I'll set the DVR.