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Where do you store your keys/wallet/phone?

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    Where do you store your keys/wallet/phone?

    I'm not stylish by nature, but I'm working on it. One consequence is that my pants are now less baggy and fit better...but where do I put my keys, wallet, and phone?


    As guys, i don't think we have very many options on where to store this stuff... But i keep my Phone left pocket, keys right pocket, wallet back right pocket... Keep keys to a minimum (1 car key, 2 house keys and 1 office key on my ring), and keep your wallet as clutter-free as you can. I don't keep any receipts, a few bills and 2-3 credit/debit card along with my ID.



      Wallet goes in one of your back pockets. Phone can go in a front pocket or the other back pocket. Don't use a belt clip for your phone. Keys go in your front pocket. If you have a huge keyring, then remove the keys you don't really need on a daily basis until they will fit.

      The above assumes jeans or thick chinos. For thinner chinos or dress pants, you want to arrange things such that there are no visible outlines in your front pockets. Back pockets are still fine IMO for wallet/phone though others may disagree. Don't keep your keys or knife (if you carry one) in front pocket for these types of pants as they'll show crazy outlines. Keep them in a briefcase, in your wife's/gf's purse (if applicable), or in your sock if none of the above applies.

      And yes, I do keep my keys/knife in my sock when wearing dress trousers and have nowhere else to put them. Others may have better ideas.



        I live in the city and rarely use my car. So I have two keychains: one with just a single key to my house and a small silver dongle that holds a folded up $20 bill (for emergencies ); the other is bigger and has a key to my parents house, car key, door lock remote, and a hook. When I need to drive somewhere I combine these via the hook, but for 90% of my time my key chain is super small and can go in my front pocket without showing an outline.

        I keep my phone in my front right pocket, keys in the front left, and wallet in my back right. Other than those 3 things I keep my pockets as empty as possible.



          I have a thin wallet with the bare necessities, so I keep it in my front pants pocket. It's unconventional, but it prevents like 75% of all robberies. Plus, if you have a giant burrito-like wallet, it's bad for your spine when you sit on it too long. It bulges out a bit, but I don't think it's too much of a style problem. I keep my keys in my other front pocket and my phone on my jacket or blazer.



            I'm also a bare necessities guy who keeps his wallet in his front pocket. You know those thin ID holders that come with wallets? I chose to carry that for my ID/cards. Then fold my bills without a clip into the same pocket.



              I usually put my wallet and keys in the same pocket in the front because i only have a few keys and a thin wallet. phone goes in the other pocket. It does become a problem with dress pants but i usually just load up my jacket's interior pockets. Of course, then i can't really leave my jacket lying around, but IMO that beats loading up my socks.



                I'm going to echo the replies already posted.

                -thin wallet: think card case with a money clip attached to the back of it

                I place that and my keys into a front pocket, and my phone into the other (so it doesn't get scratched by my keys).

                Nothing in the back pockets. Gotta show off my shape right?



                  Card holder wallet + keys in left front pocket, phone in right front pocket. The wallet + keys pocket can get bulgy and annoying when wearing dress pants but I got nowhere else to put them.



                    Wallet in the front right pocket. Phone and keys in my jacket if at all possible.



                      Bumpin' this super old thread: phone in my right pocket, wallet in my back pocket, keys in my girlfriend's purse. (Or in my left pocket if I'm solo, or in a jacket pocket if I'm wearing a casual jacket.)



                        I use this keychain:

              ,default,pd.html?cgid=mensLeatherAccessori es&selectedColor=0100

                        If anyone ever finds that style with less logos, please let me know. I searched for hours and found the style I was looking for, but it just has some logos that I'd rather not have.

                        Phone in left pocket, keys and wallet in right. The keys and wallet thing can be annoying, but I never felt comfortable with my wallet in the back.



                          wallet, back right pocket

                          hankerchief, back left pocket

                          if only pants available, phone front left, keys/knife front right.

                          otherwise phone/keys/knife go in jacket/bag/whatever else I have I can put them in



                            all-ett card case and money clip, front left pocket

                            phone, front right pocket

                            handkerchief, back left pocket

                            keys, back right pocket



                              I have a carbiner on my keychain and hook it to my satchel where I also keep my iPad, leatherman, and sunglass case. I've moved to a card holder for my wallet so it's very slim. I keep my phone in my front left pocket.