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Another Travel Thread: Suggestions for Seattle?

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    Another Travel Thread: Suggestions for Seattle?

    Hi guys, I will be traveling to Seattle with my wife in one month (celebrating our 30th bdays) for a long weekend. We already have some ideas for sightseeing (doing a food tour, possibly whale watching, and a day trip to Olympic National Park).

    I am hoping there are some Seattle area forum members who could recommend good places to eat, nightlife spots, and good places to shop (Does Filson have a flagship store? I heard Suitsupply is opening a shop, but not sure if it will be open in time). Thanks in advance for your help!

    There is a Filson flagship store here (1555 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134) - it's right by the football/soccer and baseball stadiums, so it'll be convenient if you're a sports fan and planning to go to any games.

    Capitol Hill is good for nightlife and dining activities but sort of depends on what you're in to. I'd say it's your best bet for nightlife though since there's many different bars/clubs in that area. If you're renting a car - parking can be a pain but if you're using public transportation or taxis - no problem.

    Ballard has some decent places also - The Walrus & The Carpenter is an oyster bar that's gotten rave reviews (and was on an Anthony Bourdain show - so yeah, it's busy). I enjoy Bastille restaurant there also. It's a little more subdued than Cap Hill and about 15 mins outside of downtown.

    There's also the Whale Wins restaurant (I think owned by some of the folks who do Walrus & Carpenter) sort of nearby that's good, too.

    Pioneer Square, which is essentially downtown, is getting a little bit of revitalization, lately. Bar Sajor was recently opened there by a locally acclaimed chef, Matt Dillon, and there's also London Plane that recently opened there.

    EATER Seattle is a good site to go to regarding places to eat and they do this heat map of 'where to eat now' -

    I like to go to the Seattle Met's site to get info on food, nightlife, etc. too -

    And The Stranger is the local weekly that may be good for reference -

    Hope that helps a little and enjoy your time here. We've had one of the best summers here in a while.

    What food tour are you taking?



      Some tips here as well.
      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


        Yeah, some good suggestions on the other thread.

        Also, if you like cocktails, there's a number of cocktail bars: Tavern Law (they have the novelty 'speakeasy' upstairs that you call via a specific phone in the main bar to get into) and Canon are two that come to mind - both in the Cap Hill area. If you're at Pike Place Market, the Zig Zag Cafe is the place to go for just straightforward cocktails.

        There's a number of beer pubs serving the many microbrews being made here - Von Trapp's is the recent one that's getting a good amount of press. Features include indoor bocce ball courts. There's Hilliard's in Ballard, too.

        I'll second the Serious Pie suggestion if you're doing any shopping downtown. They'll let you put your name & cell number on the list, so you can walk around or do some shopping b/c it can be about an hour wait on weekends. It's pretty close to the shopping area - Macy's and maybe close enough to the higher end Pacific Place mall to get back in time for your table. There's about 3-4 other Tom Douglas restaurants within 2 blocks of there (Palace Kitchen, Dahlia Lounge, Lola). People usually love or hate him or his restaurants but I've usually had good dinners at most of his restaurants (didn't have a great experience at Palace Kitchen). He also has a newer restaurant, Seatown, by Pike Place Market that I really enjoyed (I'll spare going into his and many other new restaurants in the South Lake Union area - which is pretty much the Amazon campus - to keep this from getting any longer).

        Ethan Stowell has a number of restaurants that get good reviews - I've only been to his old restaurant, Union, but it was really great food.

        And lastly, the Georgetown neighborhood is good for cheaper fare and has a more blue collar vibe to it. So it's worth a look into, also.


          Thanks for all of the suggestions! I've got a month to spend looking these places up online now...

          @greg_s, thanks for sharing the link to the previous thread. My brain gets numb late in the workday, and I didn't even think of searching the threads before starting this new one.

          @boldface, we haven't booked our food tour yet, but we are considering one of the tours offered by Savor Seattle Food Tours. They all have really good reviews from what I have read on tripadvisor. Have you taken one before that you would recommend? We were considering taking the tour of Pikes Place market instead of just wandering through on our own...

          Any other suggestions for places to shop? Any good shops unique to Seattle (or at least unique to larger cities) that I should check out?


            I completely aired out and missed the parts that covered Tavern Law and Canon from greg_s' link, too - sorry for the repeat on that.

            I actually haven't taken one of the food tours before but looked up Savor's website - those tours look pretty good. After living here for 15 years, I only just recently took a guided tour of Pike Place Market while chaperoning my daughter's elementary class. It was a good time and made me realize there's so much there that I still hadn't seen yet. That said, the Booze n' Bites and Gourmet tours look the most appealing to me.

            As far as shopping, I'm assuming you'll be staying somewhere downtown? There's Pacific Place, that I mentioned before, which has a J. Crew and Barney's and the downtown core has everything from H&M to Allsaints Spitalfields to Brooks Brothers. Some stores I haven't been to in a while but liked to occasionally fantasize I could afford to shop at on a regular basis are Jackstraw ( or and Kuhlman (

            The Aviary ( in Ballard is a cool little artsy gift shop. On the other end of the spectrum is Archie McPhee's which has all kinds of novelty gifts.

            If you're looking for a short trip - you can always take a ferry from downtown waterfront to Bainbridge Island, which is about 30 mins. Here's some info about it:

            For an even shorter trip, you can take the watertaxi from the waterfront over to West Seattle/Alki Beach - it's a nice view of downtown and there's Marination Station (Korean tacos) or Salty's (seafood - more of a splurge) right by the dock.

            Don't forget to ride the waterfront ferris wheel while you're there.