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What should my first article be on?

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    What should my first article be on?

    I've been asked by my college's newspaper to be the successor to the current style columnist. I was thinking my first article should be on fit and how important the fit of one's clothes are to anyone's style. Anyone have any other ideas for my first article?


    If you go for an artice on fit... you should include the addresses of local tailors to help the poor slubs out there.

    Another idea could be about the do's and don't of style. Like socks and sandals, pajama pants to class, etc... Pretty much almost everything you would see everyday on campus

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      +1 for telling people to find a tailor



        style mistakes. it'll be funny enough for college that people will read it. then hopefully you can lure them in to deeper stuff next week.

        there are plenty of examples out there, including one that dappered wrote.



          I agree that whatever you write has to draw in your audience. Maybe your fit article with emphasis on jeans, etc. Maybe an article on dressing for an interview? Or an article about what people wish they had known about style back in college. Granted you might not have any credibility since you're still in college, but you could cite articles from dappered or other sites.



            I think candid pictures of fellow students (faces obscured) exemplifying the dos and don'ts would add some interest to the columns.



              Either style mistakes or your fit guide are good ideas.



                I love the style mistakes idea. Just be careful not to offend the jock who's wearing all abercrombie & fitch gear.



                  +1 on Mr. Pepper's idea...sounds like you might be the next Mr. Popular, or kid that gets punched for taking a pic of a member of the hockey or football team for looking like a bum...either way you get the girls so its a win win in my book!

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                    Agree with Max, Mr. Pepper's idea is good. So is getting the girls.



                      Let me give some more background. The reason why they have asked me is because I wrote several letters to the editor about style mishaps. The notable ones are fanny packs and scarves with t-shirts. Now they want to give me a "try-out" for my own column. So I have already done a couple do's and don'ts.

                      However, do you guys think I should do another one?



                        I think the pics with blurred faces is what will really get a reaction. You want to get people talking. That is, if you are even allowed to use pics...



                          I think the pics with no faces is a good idea but you don't want to come off as making fun of someone or changing their style. GQ for example does makeovers and a lot of the time they take someone just out of college with ill-fitting clothes and put them into a tailored suit. To me, that's too easy. I would try to get two pictures, one showing a style executed well, and one showing the same style executed poorly.

                          A positive spin on the above would be to only take one picture; focus on a student who executes a look really well, and do a commentary of what works, kind of like The Satorialist but IMO with more explanation/substance. Maybe invite that person to give their top style tip. This feeds the people who want to "see and be seen" while doing some sort of education and without reducing the column to a gossip /socialite mag. As you build your reputation/persona you can offer to help people with their style issues in exchange for writing an article (and maybe before/after pics) about them. That could lead to a companion blog (listed on your byline) and/or side business as a consultant depending on how far you want to take it.

                          This is all assuming that you can use pictures. If you're reduced to B&W line art or no graphics then it will get interesting.

                          What did the last columnist write about and does the paper have an expectation of you to write on the same topics?

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                            Well, the last columnist was a girl from Italy. She focused on girls fashion. She basically would pick one article of clothing and tell girls how they could pull it off/why they should wear it.

                            She used pictures, but they were "models", people she asked to model clothes for her. The paper does not expect me to write on the same topics.