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what is your exercise routine?

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    what is your exercise routine?

    I've hit a plateau in my weight loss, I've currently spent the last 2 months at 200-205lbs. I'm wanting to switch things up a little to get below the 200 range, but can't seem to do it as I've switched routines to a run/cardio plan currently as I'm training for a 10km race 2 weeks away.

    So basically I'm wondering what all you guys who have lost weight did to get past those plateaus or saw good success with. It's my goal to get down to 185 for labor day, which I think is doable if I get a good routine. I'm excited that I purchased a pair of size 34 pants (haven't worn a pair that size in over 10 years).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What are you doing now?
    Diet in check?


      Cardio is generally not that great for burning off stubborn fat, HIIT sprints and so forth(think professional sports players that do burst then slow down a bit then burst.
      You NEED weight training, from the sounds of it, most of your weight loss was probably muscle mass. Lift weights and damage the muscle fibres so your body repairs them rather than looking at them as an energy source.

      Your diet should be posted, low carb is going to be a must as well, plus its benifical to your heart.


        Gilla, we could use more info. Looks like you are doing some longer runs. Anything else? What was your weight before? Are you lifting at all?
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          Diet is number one. In terms of exercise, I would mix things up and build in some sprinting to your routine...maybe twice per week in lieu of distance running. I used to be a 50-60 miles per week guy, training for 10ks and marathons, but when constant PF made it painful to walk and we had our first kid, I just didn't have the time or desire to run that much. I tried hill sprints and haven't looked back. Way more lean (yet still maintain/build muscle) with much less time. Start with 6-8 sprints in the 50-80 yard range, and build up to around 12-15 (throw in a few longer, like 100-200m). It will really shock your body and you your legs will feel much more "alive."


            only way to lose weight is to run a calorie deficit. eating less is the easiest way to do that, but working out is good for more reasons than just burning calories. I second lifting, you want to maintain as much strength as possible while losing weight.

            I'm wrapping up a cut right now and it's surprising how hard it was to avoid carbs (or, how bad I was at doing so). tracking your calories and grams of fat/carbs/protein is extremely helpful, honestly I'll probably continue doing so after I start eating normally again.


              Recently had some minor back surgery but hoping to get back to exercising shortly. Here is my routine:

              Monday: Run 3-4 miles @ a 7:30-8:00min/mile pace
              Tuesday: CrossFit workout
              Wednesday: Similar run with more tempo so maybe a 7:00min/mile pace
              Thursday: Slower 5 mi run @ 8:30min/mile pace
              Friday: Repeat Monday or off
              Saturday: Fast 5 miles so usually a 7:00min/mile pace or maybe through in some trails and mix it up
              Sunday: Olympic lifting then CrossFit workout

              I like running so it is more relaxing that other forms of working out for me. CrossFit isn't for everyone and I see a lot of people going through the motions without any improvement. I try not to talk too much about it as it can get that cult like following and mentality which can annoy people.

              As for my diet:
              Breakfast: Was eggs with spinach but switching to trying Bulletproof coffee with a little twist: 2 cups coffee, 30g protein powder, 1T cold pressed coconut oil

              Lunch: I pack my lunch and bring it to work. Usually a lean meat with veggies and some rice and a little sauce since they carry a ton of calories. I try to keep the serving around 400-500 calories.

              Snacks throughout the day: An apple and a couple bananas with some raw almonds every now and then. Maybe 10-15 to satisfy a craving.

              Dinner: Whatever we decide to eat. I try not to overindulge with high calorie crap but do not restrict anything.

              Dessert: Some sort of chocolate or cake or ice cream. This is basically the reason I workout, so I can have dessert and not care.


                Thank for the quick replies... for a little more info I was 220 at new years, so lost 15lbs in 3 months with cardio 3 times a week and diet until I started training for my race.

                Up until my race I'm doing 4 runs a week with 2 days of crosstraining being mostly cylcing. My current schedule is:

                Monday-30-40min jog
                Tuesday- 45 min cycling
                Wednesday- 30-40 min intervals
                Thursday- 45 min cycling
                Friday- 30 min jog
                Saturday- 10km run

                I haven't had any problems with fatigue setting in, but I'm thinking that after my race I'll focus on weightlifting for the 2 cross train days
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                instagram: @adg_ca


                  I did the opposite and changed my diet more and exercise less. As others have mentioned, your way of eating is the number 1 priority over all else. I was able to shed the last bit of my abdominal fat by doing so:

                  I just do some pushups for chest, pullups for back and a few dumbbell curls for arms. Nothing intense. I play some basketball everynow and then for cardio.


                    You lost mainly muscle is most likely your plateau. What's your diet, very important.
                    Weight training should make you breathe heavy as well when you're doing it, 6-8 Rep range and struggling. Don't do all machines, leg curl is the devil and avoid it to save your knees.

                    Also you can try intermittent fasting, worked great for me leaning up

                    End result and blood lipid profile of a professional:

                    Oh foodie wants a pic off guys!
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                      12 oz curls


                        DIET, DIET, DIET. Number 1 thing!

                        I've lost 35lbs this year and 95% of that has been from my diet. No fast food, no processed foods, no sugary drinks, very little gluten, and not a lot of dairy. I bought a Nutri-Bullet to replace my old blender and make a fruit smoothie for at least one meal a day. I also use Amazing Meal with almond milk most days as well. Other meals are things like eggs, fruit, veggies, turkey breast, chicken breast, etc. I would highly recommend using a calorie tracker (I use MyFitnessPal - free for iPhone) to set goals and accurately measure what you're taking in each day.

                        I used to drink Gatorade and Pop (soda) at least once a day. That was my hardest thing to give up. In its place I pretty much drink a crapload more water. For endurance rides (I cycle), I pop a Nuun electrolyte tab in my water bottle. No fruit juices or anything either as those are not all that healthy and are packed with sugar. I allow myself a cheat meal whenever I want it (usually stick to once a week when out with friends) and if I have a crazy weekend (like Vegas), I go extremely healthy for the following few days. For me, I never feel deprived of food since I can have a cheat meal whenever I want. But after your first 2-3 weeks you'll realize it's not that difficult. You just have to stick to it.

                        I would also echo others comments about high intensity bursts. Whether it's circuit training or sprinting, you need to shake up your body. It will get complacent after a month or so of the same routine and that routine will become less effective.

                        @ Acoustic - that was all from a home gym?! Holy hell bro! You gotta share more details. Clearly more than 'a few pushups'


                          I'm literally eating cake and ice cream while reading this thread.


                            Originally posted by alan View Post
                            12 oz curls
                            LOL! I'm a big fan of those too.


                              Originally posted by alan View Post
                              I'm literally eating cake and ice cream while reading this thread.
                              I'm literally wiping the coffee off of my screen, thanks to you I just spit it there.

                              My personal problem is that I exercise moderately (really just daily walks - but pretty briskly) and eat a pretty strict diet most of the time - and then I go and do something stupid like eat two HUGE bowls of Frosted Mini-Wheats with whole milk, late at night, whilst sitting on the couch watching DVR'd *Mad Men* or old eps of *That '70s Show*.

                              Merely a fictional example, of course. But I do in fact do it.