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    Shameless Pluging

    Do you have a blog, website, whatever that has too do with fashion? Plug it here!

    Heres my Tumblr

    Theme of the day is......


    Cool blog, I really like the mix of stuff you post. I especially feel the Steve McQueen and Jackie Chan photos (both huge heroes of mine). I will be checking in regularly from now on, we seem to have similar tastes.



      Awesome, yeah I think that vintage Jackie is underappreciated. Anyways thanks for the support man.



        I have a tumblr that's a bit scatterbrain, but I usually reblog cool fashion-related pictures. I also write a couple of original posts sometimes (reviewed Gravity Pope recently).



          I have a blog, with a similar affordable slant to dappered. I also like posting on a couple of other topics, like food and drink. I think some people checked it out the other day when I posted about some bags in the comments. I have added several posts since then.

          dressed by the internet



            i like your blog chris will add to my favorites. Cant access Beefcakes at work so will take a look when i leave the office. I love this idea becasue i amalways looking for a good website.

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              Great, thanks man. Beefcake's blog is definitely worth reading.



                I know dappered isn't necessarily a big fan of rental tuxedos, but we're trying to improve based on the feedback we're getting from places like this!


                We're a wholesale tuxedo rental company that rents to the folks that rent to the public. The website above is our online catalog, and a way to find folks with access to that merchandise in their area. We're always looking for ways to improve, so your feedback is appreciated!

                We buy as many new styles of tuxedos (and a few suits) as we can every year, from basics to fashion. Grey is big this year, along with the comeback of bowties!

                thanks to dappered for providing such an awesome blog, and now a great place to talk and learn about looking good!!



                  Hey, I have a tumblr over at I try to stick to original photos/poetry, but I post totally random things too. Started following the guys above, looking forward to seeing your posts.