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looking for a new haircut, need advice

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    looking for a new haircut, need advice

    So I'm looking to go for a new haircut. I've been getting one like this for two months:

    but my hair isn't as textured as his. I'm wondering if anyone knows this style haircut, so I can identify it to my barber and know what to look for on the part side.

    Before, where my hair parted it grew out poofy. My barber recommended a new styled-back look rather than to the side as you see in that photo. the part is more manageable, but I feel it looks a little too Pompadour (not quite Kramer, but not as cool as James Dean either) as I have a high hairline, I feel the tall hair appearance highlights my big forehead. Also, I'm to use a blow dryer for a few weeks to help manage the part as the hair grows into the style (as directed by my barber). Right now, I'm not too comfortable using a hair dryer (I felt the woman cashier judging me!) and would like to revert back to the first hair style shown in the link, if someone can provide me with details on what it should look like from different angles. Thanks


    I'd print out the photo and chat with the barber/stylist.