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    I use the fiber. It's a good hold, doesn't leave my hair crunchy, and it doesn't look greasy. I think it would do very well for the layered look that you're going for.

    On a similar note, I just bought the American Crew shampoo for the first time. I'm not totally sold yet, I think it may be leaving my hair a little more greasy than normal. I'll give it some more time though.

    I also got a sample of Men's Redken shampoo, I kind of like it so far, that may be the next purchase.


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      I use the Crew forming cream as well and have used, depending on the style, most of their other products at one time or another.

      Yes, $15 is pricey from Target for one container. But,as magm said, they last awhile and once you know which product you like you can just order them on amazon for super cheap. It's like 17$ for a 2 pack on subscribe and save right now. Definitely worth it.


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        I use GO247 styling cream

        Easy to apply, a little goes a long way, holds but leaves hair touchable (not sticky or goopy), washes out easily, and smells nice.


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          Alright guys, I ordered some Murrays Super Light pomade off amazon, and have been using that for about a week. Stays in the hair all day and washes out really easy. Smells pretty good and is dirt cheap. We have a winner folks. Thanks for all the input Gents.


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            Hey you picked mine! Wait I think I have something prepared for this.

            I would just like to thank my mom and dad, everyone who supported me in hair choices. All the little people out there and everyone who ever believed in me. Thank you!