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    New hair product

    Getting kinda tired of my current hair stuff. I've been using the Axe messy look hair paste for about a year now and I think I'm just ready for something different. I have dark, really thick wavy hair that I usually side part. I need something that has pretty good hold without goin full Don Draper. I'm wondering what you guys use. I'd like to try and find something under $10 and pretty easy to track down. Any ideas?


    This guy has wavy hair and usually parts it. Does a bunch of hair videos about products he uses for different looks. There are a bunch of ways he does the look, plus some variations and other looks. Searching "hair" on his channel gets many of the videos he's done on it, but browse through for a full set of info on products themselves too.

    His name is Jim Chapman:



      With hair product you usually get what you pay for, within reason. Stuff like Axe, Garnier, etc, is usually junk. Try the Crew line of products. They are more expensive but last longer in the end and once you find the right line you can do subscribe and save and that will get it under $10. Based on how you are describing your hair, their forming cream might be what you are looking for.



        I use the Crew forming cream. It's around $16 at the grocery store and I usually just get it there. Lasts me probably 4 months; a little goes a long way. I have medium-light hair and it's about halfway between wavy and curly. It's strong enough to tame my hair into a brushed-back look about 2.5 inches tall. Has a matte look and holds pretty well throughout the day. You sound relatively similar and might want to give it a try.



          Alternatively, try Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. It's about $2 at the drug store. You have to be VERY cautious about how much you use because you'll probably need to wash your hair for a week to get it all out. That said, if you get it right, it does a decent job.

          I used to have a collection of different pomades. If you're single, try got2b's pheromone pomade. (It doesn't work/maybe I'm just that off-putting.)



            Thanks for all the replies Gents. I'm running to target today so I'll hunt for some of the products mentioned. Gonna hunt for that forming cream first.

            @Cannon: Thanks for the vids, they were pretty helpful.

            @MagM: looks like I can probably find this pomade at walgreens for cvs. And it sounds like its a "little goes a long way" kinda product. What method would you suggest for using it?



              Sorry if it's too late but what I found that works great is Murray's Super Light pomade. It smells great doesn't make your hair too greasy and looks really natural. Best part is it's only 2.30 Also I use to be in your shoes. I used axe messy for every till I switched too this for my thick hair. It helps thin it out and break it up. You should be able to pick it up at any drug store



                I use American Crew Fiber. I have asian hair (thin and straight), about 1.5-2 inches at the longest. Works pretty well, holds the whole day, i only use about a size of a nickel in my palm.



                  The american crew products seem amazing but my budget doesn't really allow for $20 hair products at the moment. I think I'm gonna try the Murrays super light suggest by Beefcake, can't beat that price.

                  On a side note, my local grocery carries a brand called Trendstarter that is like a cheaper alternative to American Crew, wondering if anyone has experience with this stuff?



                    If you go to Target, you'll find a brand called Matrix Men next to the American Crew stuff. It's fairly comparable and as I recall it was something like $7 for a tin of style wax.




                      I've been using some stuff called Monkey Brains Grease Monkey Hair Pomade. Was like $5 at Walgreens. Works pretty well for me, but I have fine hair.



                        The guy on the video channel I linked to mostly uses American Crew also, so I guess that goes with others recommendations above. I have heard it recommended many times.



                          Cannon, thanks for that link. I watched a few of his videos and may try out one of his recommendations. He keeps mentioning how he likes to be able to touch his hair and avoid the "crunchy" feel, which is good because that's probably the biggest factor for me too. I'm tempted to try the vo5 reworkable putty he demonstrated in one of his videos (the only thing is I haven't been able to find any of the products he mentioned for the prices he listed).




                            That can be tricky as he is from England (I'm in the US), so some products go under either a different name here, or they aren't available here in the same form if at all, but many of them are so just check around with some different choices that he mentions and just hope for luck with prices. I like his channel, he's pretty fun and cares about hygiene and style. Overall, he is at least going to say what the product is basically (pomade, texture cream, paste, clay, etc.) so you can look for something with the same function from those brands here in the US or from a similar brand to get similar effects.

                            And to the thread starter, this may be specific to your interests and he links to some products from the vid for ideas:


                            EDIT: He links these sites sometimes which ships to most countries, I believe. A lot of his products are available on these, though price may be iffy (the first one ships free to many places):





                              Hey gents, I got a hair cut this afternoon and decided to mix it up a bit, going for more texture. Because of this, I just canceled my order of American Crew forming cream from Amazon. Are there any American Crew waxes out there? Maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see anything on their website. The person who cut my hair used b&b Sumo Wax but that's prohibitively expensive, plus I've always enjoyed my Crew products and would like to stick with the brand if it's an option.

                              If I remember right a lot of you guys seemed to like Fiber, could that be what I'm looking for?