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gift ideas for the fairer sex? (gf, sister-in-law, mom, etc.)

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    gift ideas for the fairer sex? (gf, sister-in-law, mom, etc.)

    I could come up with a million gifts for my brother, but I've always had difficulty with gifts for women. Would like it to be something other than "here's another scarf/cheesy home decor item!"

    The three I need to buy for are mentioned above, but anything would be helpful at this point.

    Originally posted by eli cash View Post
    I could come up with a million gifts for my brother, but I've always had difficulty with gifts for women. Would like it to be something other than "here's another scarf/cheesy home decor item!"

    The three I need to buy for are mentioned above, but anything would be helpful at this point.
    Here's what I got my gf/sister/mom:
    Girlfriend: Perfume
    Sister: Some various kitchen accessories by request (we mutually agreed a while ago to just tell each other what we want)
    Mom: Monogrammed apron (realized she doesn't have a nice apron)


      Girls like to shop. While gift cards may not seem personal, finding one to a local place or a place they might not expect can show that you've put some thought into it. For example, my wife loves shoes so she would like a DSW gift card. For girls, its not just a cash equivalent because they enjoy the act of shopping sometimes as much as the items they find. So well thought out gift cards can be like two gifts in one.

      For a significant other, concert or event tickets for things you can do together are nice. Just be sure its something she wants and isn't just an excuse for you to give yourself something that you want.

      Avoid kitchen items unless you know that cooking is their hobby.


        Moms also like picture frames - especially if there's a picture of you in it. Since its a gift, consider one thats silver plated. They can be found in the $50 range at Macy's during sales.

        You can also never go wrong with jewelry, but the caveat is that there are many styles so you have to peak in her stuff to get a feel for what she likes.


          Oh! Potted flowers are another good gift for moms. Floral arrangements shrivel and die, but potted plants can last for months or even years. Finding one that blooms will up the "wow" factor.


            Going back to gift cards... How about spa gift cards? All women love spas. Either find a reputable place or go with something like Spa Finder so they can pick the spot.


              FWIW, I just read this all back to my wife and she gave 100% of it a thumbs up.


                I just bought a perfume (Ralph Lauren Romance) and a phone (Samsung Galaxy S III) as gifts for my sister. Polled a couple of my female friends who have similar taste with my sister for the perfume & I knew my sister was looking for a new phone so that was easy.


                  Same topic, still unanswered:

                  And I don't have a great answer for this topic, but the first infallible gift I could think of...
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                    +1 to spa/massage things. Always a good surprise even if it's not for an occasion. (Ex. If you're going to be traveling and have to stay in a hotel, surprise her with a pre-scheduled massage/spa treatment on a day when you know she'll be particularly tired (but not so tired that going down to the spa is a chore). And if you really want to wow her, have a gift waiting when she gets back to the hotel room.)

                    The women in my life love bags and purses, but this is definitely one of those things where you should pay careful attention as you walk through the mall to see which ones she touches. Park near the entrance with all of the accessories and walk through them to wherever, she won't even realize that she's stopping to browse, and you can take notes.

                    Agree with Alan that if you're going the shoe route a gift card to DSW or a similar place is likely better than actually buying the shoes unless you're completely positive about what she wants. I've had some bad experiences in the past buying accessories/clothes for girlfriends when I thought they liked something but it turned out that what I bought wasn't quite what they like.


                      Okay guys. Here's what I think you need to do. It's an easy, multi-step process that guarantees success (or at least some brownie points for trying).

                      1. Pay Attention.
                      2. Remember what you learned.
                      3. Use the knowledge you learned.

                      With your GF/Fiance. Pay attention to her. Consciously watch her and pay close attention when you're out with her if she gets excited about something. If she brings it up later, it's a definite hint. Think back to past dates for ideas. By paying attention to her you learn more about her and will appreciate her more. Then use what you've learned and apply that to the situation. Example:

                      My wife loves the little christmas villages you see people display. I think they're gaudy and ugly but she thinks they're cute. She even likes the freaky ones you see at Halloween. So you know what I gave to her as an early present one year? A starter village set because she didn't have one. It was a smashing success and she still fawns over it when she lights it up every evening. She turned to me when she finished setting it up the first time and said 'It makes me happy that you pay attention to the things that mean something to me even when I don't tell you.'

                      Another year I got her a blue purse. She's not necessarily fond of blue but she has striking blue eyes. Because I got her the bag she used it often. She likes to coordinate her clothes with her accessories so she started wearing more whites and blues. Every time she did that she always got comments about how pretty her eyes were. I did that to boost her self esteem. So I essentially got a neutral gift that would encourage her to do things that would boost her self-image. It worked because I paid attention to her sense of style and personal habits.

                      I'm not saying to be manipulative or to be a creepy stalker. I'm just saying that instead of coming up with specific gift ideas, pay attention to her. Figure out what makes her feel alive. Then go along those lines to figure out a good gift. That will mean much more to her than anything else.

                      Mother/Sister: Use the same process but with different goals in mind. For your mother you need so convey what she means to you and that you're thankful for her. Show her you care, appreciate her, cherish her, and that regardless of how old you get, you'll always be her little boy. Come on! You know it's true! Haha. Show your sister that you admire her, appreciate her, and understand that her companionship is priceless. It's completely okay to be indulgent and help her embrace her inner geek or bring up an inside joke. It's a family thing. It's perfectly normal to embrace your weirdness together.


                        Ok this is all helpful. The massage thing is something that is definitely a go now and something I had previously not thought of.

                        Also didn't realize this topic had been posted. Will report back with progress and questions.