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How old are you and how do you refelct it?

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    How old are you and how do you refelct it?

    This is a good post to get to know each other. How old are you and how does your style reflect that?

    I just turned 20 so I go for a more rugged look. I tend to have that one pair of blue jeans that I wear the hell out of. Some of my favorite shirts consist of Chambray, Plaid and the one oxford. I come from Kentucky so where a high class look would be out of place in most parts of town since Louisville is more laid back. I always go between Military/Rugged country. Cool thing about being young and into style there's things I know I can get away with now that I will never be able to again. Like the messy thrown back hair style or little things like a camo shirt I picked up the other day


    Damn checked all my wording in the post and slipped up on the tittle.



      Yeah, you gotta watch those tittles! :-)

      I'm 29 and work as a programmer in an IT shop. My office is incredibly laid back, so I'm usually rocking a polo or dress shirt tucked into jeans or shorts and a pair of nice dress shoes. My dress shoes run the gamut from oxfords, captoes, and monk straps to tassel and penny loafers. Brands run the range from Allen Edmonds and Alden to Moreschi and Brass Boot.

      As far as hair, I'm a military veteran and I've stuck to the very short hair because it looks better on me. I don't keep it quite at the "high and tight" length as when I was in, but it's not much longer.

      What I've found as I've gotten older and more financially stable is that my wardrobe has become more conservative. Instead of loud, obnoxious shirts, I'll wear more solids or stripes in tamer colors. I've also found that, over the years, fit has become far more important to me. I'm 5'8" and skinny, and nowadays I don't buy anything that looks baggy on me. My focus has also shifted from buying several medium-quality pieces to one really nice piece, especially in the realm of sport coats and suits.



        I'm 32, and really I couldn't be happier to be out of my 20's. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin this decade, and that has translated to my style.

        I am dressing in a much more grown up way now. Most of my wardrobe is based on good quality, well-fitting basics.

        I live in New York city, so I can get away with some flashier stuff that maybe wouldn't fly on a guy my age in a smaller city. I wore a cool pork pie hat a lot this fall and winter. I got a lot of complements on it, but I think it would have looked a bit affected elsewhere.



          i'm 19 and in college so i like to keep things snappy casual. blazer and jeans level. I think i'm a bit "dressed up" for my age, but it definately works in my favor.

          In a lot of ways i'm in the same boat as Beef. youngish, kinda rugged, and i get away with stuff that a 35 year old couldnt. I wish i could rock a pork pie hat, but i've got at least 10 years before i can wear that type hat without looking like a douche =P



            Yeah Chase I think it kinda sucks when your younger its some times hard to rock some of the things you want to because people are age dress so horriable. you'll usally get called out right away. To combat this I try to stick to basics.



              I'm 25, and my default style of dress is button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, dark jeans, and non-athletic shoes. sometimes I'll switch to khakis and tuck the shirt in. If I feel playful, I'll wear argyle socks that match my shirt. I'm in Florida so its a rare occasion i get to add a blazer, but that also means I can wear flashier colors without turning heads the wrong way

              The comment I hear about my appearance most often is that I "look rich"

              which I choose to believe is a compliment



                I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin this decade, and that has translated to my style.</blockquote>

                +1. As I've gotten closer to my 30s, I've gotten much more comfortable adopting my own guidelines of clothing and style. This also kinda translates into not coming off like an overdressed douche, too. I feel like I can dress a little bit better than others but still be carefree about it so that I don't look pretentious or make others uncomfortable.

                Although, I definitely enjoyed my 20s :-)



                  I just turned 27, but most say I dress like a Dad in his 30's. It's chino pants and shorts, polo and OCBD shirts everyday. Usually sporting boat shoes or desert boots. Feels good though, super comfortable and rarely under dressed.

                  I think my look is more conducive to my personality- being respectful and helpful, and not overbearing or douchey. After I transitioned from my teenage F U "look," I noticed that people I interact with- complete strangers- are more comfortable around me and I am called sir more often than not.

                  I got a kick in the pants after reading an article on the Art of Manliness that read you, and as a result your family, are often judged by how you look. I've had this conversation before, but never took it to heart. As a new, young Dad I decided that I need to show my daughter how to act (and dress) appropriately, by example. Overall it's been a very positive experience, even though my wife thinks I obsess over clothes now more than her.




                    Teenage FU "look"

                    lol, I had one of these too. Now I have a grown up FU look: DMs black pants and a black M-65, but at least it makes sartorial sense



                      I can dig this. Well, I am 25, from the Boston, MA, area. In re to my style, i run the gamut when it comes to style. I am an auditor for the Feds and my look can go from a very casual chino, sweater, button down shirt, to a blue suit depending on the day and whether or not i will be in the office or not.

                      I also have an urban look, I am a hip hop R/B head so i have some smoothness to my style. I get the you look like Ne-yo all the time, as i have an affection for fedoras and well fitting suits and pants...

                      well hell I have a wife who is my superior in style and a socialite in the area so i must compliment her well when we venture into the world of mingling...I am now learning more about color and have stepped way out of my comfort zone mixing colors...

                      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                        Woohoo, another Louisvillian! I'm 28, been married since 22 and the father of twin 1-1/2 year old's. Really, I'm still defining my own style, but as a compulsive reader about anything I decide to undertake (and having no money for myself thanks to the twins), dappered is right up my alley. Prior to about a year ago, I was dressing "cubicle dweller" at work and "college slob" in my free time. At this point, I'm your stereotypical dad. Short-to-medium length hair, combed forward when just cut, trending to the side when longer. Polos, oxfords, khakis and jeans about sums it up. Not too much excitement, but I feel like I'm building the foundation of my own style by stepping a bit out of my comfort zone. I feel like I'm trending retro (wingtips, cords, Adidas Sambas, sweater vests), but my wife's trying to push preppy, so we'll see where I wind up...



                          Nice to see some one else from Louisville. Maybe the Crawfish name gave it away. Not trying to throw this thread off topic or become a stalker but what part of Louisville do you reside in?



                            45. Currently on Long Island, NY. I work in IT in a casual business environment.

                            The shift to casual is recent for my office, so I've been gradually toning it down a bit, but I'll never go the t-shirt and sneaker route like everyone else has since the change. I just cant do it.

                            I've always been a little more dressy than the average IT guy I usually work with. Fortunately, most of my coworkers know that's just "me".

                            I have made to move to jeans and blazers, which seems to work for me.

                            I'm actually liking it as I find I'm not destroying a nice pair of pants every other month like I used to , so there IS that.

                            Me in one of my favorite tweed jackets :