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Sitting at the bar when you don't drink?

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    Whoa, FUCK that bartender who wrote that article. "But I have a responsibility to the business, and cannot sacrifice the experience of people who want to actually buy things so that you and your friends can finish your conversation."

    Don't forget that these guys finishing their conversation DID still buy drinks from you, douchebag. Your responsibility is not to the business--it's to the customers. Unless you own the place, I guess.


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      hey guys, thanks for all the responses. Yeah, I don't intend to be "that guy" who just sits at the bar and doesn't order anything or tip. I always grab a bite or a non alcoholic drink and tip (I think pretty well) for however long I'm there. Still though, I've always felt a bit uncomfortable there. And yeah, I feel like I have had a few encounters with "those" types of bartenders, oh well. Thanks though for the input...puts my mind at ease and now I'll feel a bit more natural and comfortable grabbing a bite and watching a game!


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        I know this is a bit of thread necromancy, but my thoughts on this are: if it's busy, and you're taking up better-paying/tipping-alcoholic-drink-ordering-space, tip accordingly. if space isn't at a premium, you can tip less, down to a certain level. I'm talking, tipping up to 100%-200% of soda cost if you got a lot of refills and ordered nothing while sitting there for an hour and a half, down to tipping 20% on whole tab if you ordered food and sat there for an hour.


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          I got banished from a bar stool at a coffee shop/hipster bar last week for reading something on my netbook while drinking tea. It was a week night and space wasn't exactly a hot commodity, so I was surprised that the bartender bothered. I think that left about 3 seats occupied at the bar and definitely subtracted from her tip. I wouldn't have sat there if it was busy, of course.

          In answer to one of YackoYak's questions, I would under no circumstances frequent a place that had a minimum amount to purchase in order to stay. Anyway, a regular who orders a tea and sits there for 3 hours a few times a week is probably bringing in other business via friends who come to hang out with them and by being friendly with other patrons, creating a better atmosphere.


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            ^ That's the real thing. There's one coffee shop I love to frequent because I love sitting outside and shootin' the shit with the old ladies there. If it weren't for them, I'd never go.


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              Nobody cares what the next person is drinking. :-) Just so long as you're not hogging bar space and ordering NOTHING. Bars are by no means a "members only" affair just for drinkers. As long as you have a reason to be there, you have as much right as anyone else. Otherwise, you're just some guy in the way for the guy behind you trying to order.

              Better to be you than the guy who had too many and is falling on people. ;-)


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                I'm in the same boat as you, and usually just order a club and lime and tip a few bucks. Although it was awkward when someone poured me a scotch and lime and tried to charge me 7$, but generally it's never a problem. Should've straight edge revenged in his face.. but alas, I just politely informed him that I don't drink alcohol and that I ordered a club and lime.