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  • tomservo
    Not as well versed as you in bourbon (more of a scotch guy) but here are some favorites. Will definitely try the four roses as I seem to be just about out of bourbon

    Under $20 bottle: Evan Williams is a damn good mass produced cheap bottle
    Favorite Mid Range Bottle: Knob Creek/Makers
    Rye Whiskey: Bulleit Rye
    Bourbon Cocktail: I'm a total old fashioned snob

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  • jonATL
    You can't go wrong with Bulleit for the cheaper stuff.

    My standby cheapish scotch is Talisker 10. Actually, I think I'll have some right now.

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  • tdig
    started a topic Official Bourbon/Rye Thread

    Official Bourbon/Rye Thread

    A place to discuss the greatest drink on earth!

    Whats everyone's favorites???

    Under $20 bottle: WL Weller 12
    Favorite Mid Range Bottle: Four Roses Single Barrel
    Favorite 15 year or under: Pappy 15
    Favorite over 15 years: George Stagg
    Yearly/Special Edition Bottle: Four Roses Single Barrel and Small Batch Limited Editions
    Rye Whiskey under $30: Rittenhouse BIB
    Rye Whiskey over $30: Rendezvous Rye
    Standard Offering Low Proof Bourbon (80-95proof): Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage
    Standard Offering High Proof Bourbon (95proof +): Old Weller Antique
    Craft American Whiskey: Lions Pride 47th Ward
    Whiskey Cocktail: Currently a Whiskey Sour
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