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    Originally posted by mister_deez View Post
    Planning an anniversary trip to Lexington KY with the Buffalo Trace distillery as one of our stops (along with Mammoth Cave and the horse park for her). Pretty stoked and i've been hinting for her to get me one of the BTAC bottles for my present.
    Make sure you book the Hard Hat Tour.
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      Anyone try Evan Williams 2004 single barrel vintage? Just picked up a bottle bottled 11/13 aged 9years. Read reviews it was sweet but I love makers so I'm guessing I'll enjoy it.

      Still drinking my Four Roses single barrel. Damn this stuff is harsh when uncut.


        Thanks to a super friendly shop owner (really cool guy to talk booze with too), I sampled some Jefferson Reserve and some Bulleit 10 year bourbon (I really like Bulleit's regular bourbon and their rye - in fact bought a bottle of both of those in this particular visit).

        The Bulleit 10 was nice, but in agreeance with the owner, probably not worth the extra $ (see?, I said he was cool).

        The Jefferson, however, was amazing! At $55 a bottle I had to pass... for *now*. But man, that was some tasty hooch! You guys ever try it?