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Holiday Cocktails - Eggnog and other recipes

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    Holiday Cocktails - Eggnog and other recipes

    What cocktails do you especially enjoy during holiday season? Describe them or post your recipes here for others to enjoy.
    Beginning in the Fall, I'll start shifting my cocktail flavor profiles toward things more seasonal. Pear and ginger liqueurs, Allspice Dram, etc... And then when the tree goes up, the eggnog comes out. Here are some eggnog recipes I've developed and have become staples for us in December:

    Holiday Noggin
    3 Oz Eggnog
    1 Oz Bourbon
    .5 Oz Cognac
    .5 Oz Grand Marnier
    .25 Tsp Cinnamon

    Caribbean Christmas
    2 Oz Eggnog
    1 Oz Spiced Rum
    .5 Oz White Rum
    .5 Oz Coffee Liqueur (or cold coffee)
    .25 Tsp Cinnamon

    Naughty and Nice
    2 Oz Eggnog
    1 Oz Spanish (or any) Brandy
    .5 Oz Ginger Liqueur
    .5 Oz Pear Liqueur
    .25 Tsp Cinnamon

    They're not cocktails but I like Grand Marnier neat on a cold winter night, and also Aquavit, especially Cardomom flavored this time of year (which is hard to find but delicious).
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      I've tried various eggnog recipes in the past, but I became interested in George Washington's eggnog recipe that I discovered last year and finally made it 2.5 weeks ago. You can google it and find it pretty easily. Here is one link to it: . I did change it up just a bit by using ~7-8 tablespoons of erythritol instead of 12 tablespoons of sugar. It was just okay the first night, so I added a little vanilla extract to the mixture and put it in the fridge. Twice as nice the second day. Incredible a week later. Now I have had it sitting for an additional week to serve at a dinner party this weekend.

      Filson has a very interesting recipe for a "Smokejumper" on its website. It sounds delicious, but I've yet to try it.

      Finally, I discovered a recipe today for "Rompope," or Mexican eggnog. I intend to try it soon.


        I think I'll try my hand at making my own eggnog this year. Looks simple and those recipes are inspiring.

        Here's another eggnog drink that's super easy to do:

        2 Oz Eggnog
        2 Oz Espresso/Espresso Liqueur/Coffee Liqueur
        .5 Oz Rum

        Whatever you add for the coffee portion is up to you. They all work great. You can use cold coffee, too, but it should be a strong brew.
        Rum is also to your own taste. I prefer spiced rum for this drink.


          My favorite cocktails are watermelon with rum and mint and also pinna colada. But in general, I prefer to make delicious mulled wine, with tangerines and dry white wine.