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Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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    Egyptian Cotton Sheets

    Anyone ordered from somewhere and had great results? I was looking on overstock and there were a few that had quite high ratings, but there's always people saying how terrible they are; be it many of them seem to be lacking in spelling skills. Various issues like ripping, yet they didn't say if they have a front load or if they have a 1960's top loading washer.

    I was excited to order some $100+ I'm going to say BLEND of cotton and egyptian cotton sheets and have a nice winter but was rather put off.

    This is a very important thing too, you spent 1/3 of your day sleeping!


    I find sheets to be one of those things I like to feel in person. Labeling "Egyptian Cotton" and high thread counts often seem to have little effect on the feel with many brands. I feel like it is just marketing in a lot of cases.

    I will say, and I know how this sounds, but for soft comfy winter sheets, the $20-25 flannel sheets from Target are excellent. They are cheap, decent quality, soft and warm. They will look pilled after a few washes, but if you get a darker color/pattern it is not noticeable.

    Bonus: I have never had such positive reactions from females as to those sheets.

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      That's awesome, I already had a set of flannel in mind! Just wish they had the colours I wanted, was really trying to be outgoing and get a dark purple or something(my room is sky blue)

      And yes I agree with the whole mislabeling of egyptian cotton, Right now I found a set that is 1 ply, 630 thread count but they weren't clear if it was Long staple cotton or not so I asked and am awaiting a reply

      For everyones benefit; In the case of ply for sheets a 1 ply 630 thread count is much better than a 2 ply 630 thread count, as the 2 ply is composed of 2X315 and it's also twisted more creating weak fibres and the like.

      Apparently these are the best flannels, the pima ones even resist pilling apparently.



        Several years back I had a set of sea foam green egyptian cotton sheets. They were BY FAR my favorite set. They were so soft and silky, not clingy, would 'breathe' well so you didn't get sweaty... and dare I say they were almost seductive. The only reason I stopped using them is because the fitted sheet was torn during a move and they had also become discolored.

        If they weren't so expensive (with other acceptable options readily available), I would get them again and never go back!

        Please excuse the slideshow, but the song is so catchy and on topic... Haha.



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