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Smart scales anyone?

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  • Smart scales anyone?

    Anyone have any experience with 'smart' scales? Scales that tell you bone density, percentage body fat, percentage water, etc.? I've been weighing myself daily during and am starting to think about picking up a Garmin scale. Thing is, those scales are mighty expensive. For a scale. Just curious if anyone has a smart scale and what their experience have been like. Or is a $19.99 scale that tells you your weight good enough?

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    I use a $40 Renpho bluetooth scale. It tracks body fat, BMI, bone mass, etc... The caveat to these scales is that bioelectric impedance isn't a highly accurate means of measuring. It will really depend whether you're looking for an accurate number or just tracking your trend. I get my body fat tested 2 or 3 times a year in hydrostatic tank (probably switching to DEXA when things repoen) and then just mentally calibrate the number I'm getting from the scale (it usually reads a point or two higher) which allows me to monitor the trend. My primary reason for using this scale is to have the data in the app, and that makes it very well worth it for me. The weight measurement is accurate and consistent - the other measures are just bonus, since I use more accurate means for those.


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      I recently purchased the Wyze Scale for $20. It is pretty well reviewed and uses bioelectric impedance to obtain measurements similar to the Renpho scale mentioned above. A couple of additional features that I like about the Wyze Scale is that it can also measure your heart rate and every person's profile remains private even from others using the same scale. It also helps that I already use the app for one of their cameras that I purchased some time ago. The main drawback is that the shipping and handling is pretty steep and I've never seen them offer free shipping. Otherwise, I recommend Wyze Scale and have enjoyed using it so far.


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        In my experience, none of the bioelectric scales work very well. I ended up getting one from amazon, etekcity brand, just because it was only a few bucks more than a regular floor scale. The scale portion works just fine, but the body fat measurements are all over the board. I haven't even found one that can accurately track trends.

        My gym has one made by InBody that seems to be better than the super cheap home scales, and it looks like InBody is now making one for home use but it's much more expensive than the others ($350). I haven't used that one, so I can't speak on it personally, but if it were ever to go on a deep sale I may consider it.