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Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, disposable razor?

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    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, disposable razor?

    What are you guys using? I don't really want to spend a ton of money on the new Schtick 32 blade razor. You know, the ones with the multi-million dollar Super Bowl adverts. Is there something reliable you've been using for awhile? Thanks.


    I ordered from Dorco a couple of months ago. I found them while researching the Dollar Shave Club and found out Dorco is their supplier. They have disposable and blade replacement. They also have a monthly Frugal Dude Pack that contains an assortment of items. I haven't run out of my supply of Gillette blades, so I haven't tried them yet. They have good reviews in their site, FWIW. My wife got some of the women's blades and really likes them. They also send 20% coupons to me about once a month too.



      Dollar shave club.



        Very interesting. I would be curious to hear from anyone already using Dollar Shave Club and which razors they're using. I've had very poor experiences in the past using anything less than 3 blades (regardless of who makes it).



          @Alan - I use the 4X and it's been great. Works just as well as a Mach 3, Fusion, etc. It's a little less maneuverable than those, but it also feels a bit more sturdy. Granted, my facial hair is comparable to a semi-pubescent middle-schooler, so my opinion may not count



            Get on the wet shave bandwagon. Best move I've bade in a long time.



              Agreed on the wet shaving. I bought a double-edged razor for $50 and in the past year spent less than $10 on razor blades. It's a higher initial investment, but you save lots of money over time and the handle will last a lifetime.



                @Johnnyletrois and Jack

                Can you fill us in on the benefits of wet shaving other than financial? Is it a smoother shave? Is it a more comfortable shave with less razor burn? This is something I've been curious about for a long time and it sounds like others may have interest in this info as well.

                Thanks guys!



                  I wanted to try this back when I originally read this article on


                  I think I'm going to head this route too!



                    It's a closer shave when you get good at it although it probably wont be quite as consistent as what you'd get with a cartridge razor. No ingrown hairs if that's an issue for you and a lot less irritation.

                    Get the Edwin Jagger de89lbl from with a 20% off coupon for new customers for about $30. Shave set from Target for $20. 10 Lord Wilkinson blades for about $2 and Secret Shave shave oil for under $4 from Walmart.

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                      I second cwc0004's recommendation to go with Dorco. I got a whole ton of quality razors for about $25 or so. It was the price to get free shipping so for the price of about 1 Gilette plus a couple replacements, get a Dorco or two and like 20 replacements.

                      Plus, some digging reveals that the Dollar Shave Club mentioned by the following poster, BJ, is simply Dorco razors dressed up a bit.


                      My 2 cents! I'm still not brave enough to do wet shaving so if you're not either this is probably the cheapest you'll find, excluding disposable razors...



                        Can I be honest guys? I went to a straight razor back in July and I'm never going back. I still use a safety every once in a while if I'm short on time, traveling or if I nicked myself, but on the whole... I prefer using the straight. It gets a much closer shave, no ingrown hairs because of dull blades pulling the hairs and then cutting them below the skin surface...

                        Yes you do have to pay more up front and make an investment in the equipment but after that... the cost is minimal. On straightrazordesigns you can get a top quality razor and sharpening strop, all hand sharpened and honed for $115. You then can get a wet shaving set (soap, brush and scuttle) for $10 at your local walmart or Target. The wet shave soap will last about 3 months (of daily use) and then you buy a refill puck for about $2. There is a learning curve and you will have to gradually acquire more equipment (honing stones, strop paste, mineral oil), but the shave can't be beaten and mathematically you'll save about $10K over the course of a lifetime.

                        Plus... you get to rock it out Sweeney style.



                          Wet shaving is definitely the way to go. It saves a ton of money and just feels better and smoother than any cartridge razor shave. The downside is that it takes longer, but it truly is a much more enjoyable process.

                          I got a merkur double edged safety razor for $25 on amazon 3 or 4 years ago, and I think I've spent an additional $25 in razor blades for it since then. You can get a good starter brush for about $15 on amazon. As for cream or soap, that's really up to your own personal preference, but Bath & Body works sells Proraso shaving cream under their CO Bigelow brand, and it is awesome. I don't think I can be convinced to use another shaving cream or soap. A travel tube is $5 and will last long enough for you to get used to wet shaving.

                          Shave oil definitely helps, but it isn't necessary. I'd recommend buying a blade sampler pack at first so you can figure out which you like best.

                          Like others have said before, it's a larger investment up front, but the brush and razor will last for 10+ years and the cheapness of the blades will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

                          @Adam respect. straight razors are badass



                            I switched to wet shaving too, it's quite enjoyable if you have time to do it, I find it rather relaxing to do and have my fav tunes playing on laptop in bathroom.

                            I will however say get Kai and Feather blades if you have a sandpaper face the morning after shaving, they are a god send when you have some growth(they are sharpest razors so be freaking careful). Merkur, Derby, Crystal, Astra are brutal if I don't shave for a week...I do have to give them another try again as my technique improves but I've used at least 5 derbys now..same opinion still



                              @shadow4life: I've heard freat things about feather blades. The only time I used a merkur was the one that came with my razor and I wasn't impressed. I usually buy a 10 pack from cvs for $5.99. I'm sure they're not as good as the Feather blades but they do the job.