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    Anyone here participating? I'm trying to bring some friends in to raise more money.

    Just shaved my beard to start from scratch, feels weird to see me clean shaven.


    Are you starting a team? I almost participated last year but ended up not. How exactly does it work? Can I join a team or is it all individual? (I almost did it last year but I ended up not because I was doing some interviews then and I needed a clean shaven face)



      I'm doing it with some people I know, just shaved off the beard I've had for 4-5 years.

      Feels so weird, and I'll probably get some pretty funny reactions at work, as none of my co workers have seen me without my beard.



        @Teej I started a team for my friends, but you can join on your own.



          I got about 15 guys at work to join in for the Movember movement.

          I set up a $5.00 buy in, just to get donations started, and then any extra donations we get will be sent in at the end of the month.

          I also got most of the ladies to commit to a supporting donation as well.

          I am also freshly shaven today. I don't think that I have had a clean shaven face in a couple of years.

          Here are some before and after pics:



            If you could do sponsorship like a walk-a-thon, where people give you $X.XX for each inch of beard grown, that'd be cool.



              the problem with movember is it means no beard. and if you're a respectable male over the age of 14, no beard = no go.



                I just do the accentuated Mo/beard. I trim the beard, but let the stache go wild.

                The lady hates just a stache (had one for 3 days in college) so I try to accommodate her while also participating.



                  Good luck, guys. Here's some inspiration for a respectable cause:



                    Movember is the only valid reason to have a moustache!



                      @nicholascrawford - I might have to disagree. If you look like Tom Selleck in that first picture, you can go for it well beyond November in my opinion.

                      I just want to hand him a cigar and say, "Well done, sir."

                      Heck, he looks awesome in the fourth photo, as well. I just want to sell him a leather captain's chair and hear stories of mandom.



                        I've taken the easy way out and made it a "No-Shave November".



                          Anyone else rocking the fu manchu?



                            I rocked the fu Manchu last movember. It was truly hideous and wonderful. Then the last few days I did the stereotypical "dad" mustache. And the pencil thin for about an hour on the last day. Way too gross for public.

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              never happening. i am incapable of growing a beard and will only look and feel dirty.