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AT&T or Verizon?

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    AT&T or Verizon?

    Switching from Sprint soon and just wanted opinions on whether I should go with AT&T or Verizon?

    Currently live in Indianapolis, may be moving to DC area sometime next year.

    It appears AT&T is relatively cheaper while the LTE network on Verizon is more mature.



    My advice is to find the best network in YOUR neck of the woods. Unless you travel all the time, it doesn't matter who has the best nationwide network. In some cities, AT&T is better. In others, Verizon is better. In fact, even Sprint wins in a few places. It's all a matter of who does better where you are.

    From strictly a billing point of view, though, I think AT&T gets the upper hand.



      If you plan to move to DC, DO NOT GET AT&T!!

      Seriously, AT&T service in the DC region isn't very good. Verizon gets service in more portions of the subway system than AT&T. I also find that with AT&T there are lots of dead zones in this area. Even in my house on capitol hill I have shoddy service. I plan to switch to Verizon as soon as practicable.






          Sprint isn't great in the DC area but unlimited everything is *awesome*

          But I used VZW when living there and it was really great.



            For DC, Consumer Reports has the rank (2011):

            1. Sprint

            2. Verizon

            3. T-Mobile

            4. AT&T

            Verizon has the fewest calling issues, so I assume Sprint ranked higher due to price. AT&T's ratings were terrible.



              FWIW, I had terrible luck with AT&T. I found them to be awful to work with and generally a crappy service provider. Verizon is cheaper for what we use (iPhones on a family plan) and has much better coverage (Midwest). They aren't awesome either, but I've had much better luck with their customer service. It's like AT&T trains their customer service reps in all possible methods of being unhelpful.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                I have AT&T in the DC area and it's pretty crappy.

                However, the only other LTE option is Verizon, would you cost me roughly $115 a month vs the $72 I'm paying now on my grandfathered plan. (450min voice, 200 text messages for $5, unlimited data, roughly $40+$30+$5+taxes-15% corp discount)).

                So, choose your poison.



                  Hmm, everyone is saying Verizon and I wouldn't hesitate....except my bill will be $30 more expensive on Verizon (with one additional gig of data on Verizon).

                  $130 vs. $100 including $10 insurance package which I desperately need since I went through 7 HTC EVOs on Sprint within a year.