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Star Wars: Episode VII, Disney buys LucasFilm

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    The thing with Episode VII is that it isn't just more merchandise and quick projects for cash with low standards. It's attempting to be a full, successful trilogy on a franchise that will have been off of its home on the big screen for a decade. They aren't trying to follow Lucas' set-ups and pay-offs in the story, either (the prequels had a lot of restrictions to follow as a bit of a fill in the blank story at times based on the original trilogy).

    Lucas also had a penchant for tacky, overused CGI (there's a reason why Blade Runner and the original trilogy look way more believable than the newer Star Wars films, and thankfully Ridley Scott remembers and stuck to lots of practical effects on Prometheus). These days, we at least can expect top notch effects to avoid that kind of distraction.

    Star Wars will never be what it was in the eye of fans again, but surely instead of so many people thinking 50% of the films are disappointing, maybe it can be bumped up to 66% being respectable if this goes right. Of course, plenty of people appreciate all the films, despite the prequels being the lesser of the six.

    I think it obviously will have a level of mainstream blockbuster mindset, but it is big and has some universe to go with already, making it likely worth more to the creative team than something like John Carter or Transformers.

    Y'know how most people gave Indiana Jones 4 a good chance (despite it arriving and getting a much colder welcome)? I feel like that kind of buzz is different than something like Transformers 3 or Iron Man 2, etc. Those are just so average to me, but this one is basically another shot at a film franchise legend.