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    I just need to vent:

    I have to wait until Monday to play Assassin's Creed III, which released today. I have played every entry in the series on release since my freshman year in high school in 2007. I ordered a special edition through Ubisoft (the game's publisher in Canada) so the game won't arrive until Friday, but I'll be in Las Vegas then so I have to pick it up at the mail center on Monday.

    Then on Tuesday, Halo 4 arrives and I can't play that until I finish Assassin's Creed III. Thankfully, I am certain that I will be seeing SkyFall on the Thursday following.

    I want to go to revolutionary NYC now.

    I play many of the AAA games that come out. I'm not as attached to games as I am to films, but some of them just get the right bond to make me love them. A bit of escaping to paradise if the atmosphere of the game world is done right (like Red Dead Redemption).

    Anyone else have something to chime in about themselves and video games?


    GTA V officially coming out next spring. I don't get the chance to play games too much anymore, but there is so much nostalgia attached to GTA that it is definitely on my list.



      Rockstar Games is my favorite studio. Definitely looking forward to GTA V. Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, and GTA IV have all been excellent.



        Dont get nearly as much time as I used to to play games since getting married. I have a hard time playing single player games now though. I like the competition of playing against people. Last full single player game I played through was portal 2.



          I tend to not care much for multiplayer anymore, myself. Co-op is good, but I care most about atmospheric, cinematic, visually impressive games over the actual gameplay. That's why I enjoy Rockstar's games or games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2. They have such a movie-like sensibility that watching the scripted animations and scenes are what really gets me attached.



            Ya I get carried away in competition I guess :P I know every time I lost a game of Madden to someone (which didnt happen very often :P) my world started crumbling around me haha.

            I do want to play this Assassins Creed because I studied the time period thoroughly and it would be interesting to play a game in it.



              I haven't played video games since I got married, either. Being in grad school while holding a full-time job doesn't help, either.



                I'm a bit of a gamer. Single-player over multiplayer by a long shot. I'm something of a binge gamer. I will spend an entire week playing a single game, then not touch a controller again for months.

                I tend to prefer either open-ended, immersive games (The Elder Scrolls) or games that are highly story and character driven (Red Dead).

                A few games are such outstanding representatives of their genres that I love them, even if I rarely play in that genre (Half-Life 2 of the FPS world, for example).

                Some of my all-time favorite games, in no particular order:

                TES: Morrowind and Skyrim

                Thief, Thief II, and Thief: Deadly Shadows

                MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

                Ocarina of Time

                Diddy Kong Racing (still one of the best racing games ever made, IMO)

                Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War

                Half-Life 2


                Red Dead Redemption


                Mass Effect and ME2

                Knights of the Old Republic and KOTOR 2

                Dragon Age: Origins

                Honestly, I'm still finding new things to do in Skyrim after nearly a year of playing it. Looking forward to the new DLC (which, rumor has it, will see a return to familiar territory for us old TES fans!).

                [Edit] Forgot another Star Wars classic - TIE Fighter! One of the first videogames that exposed me to the idea that the "bad guys" can be good guys too. And a DOS game, too... you young'ns probably don't even know what that is.




                  Skyrim is one of the best game worlds ever made. Excellent to keep finding abandoned houses, shrines, and characters after hundreds of hours already exploring.

                  You have a good list BenR.

                  Half-Life 2 (+ Episodes) are, in my opinion, the most readily adaptable video games to send to the big screen. Very much like Children of Men with some War of the Worlds. The way you go through the world and scenes is just laid out and scripted so well that I can easily picture a big-budget counterpart.

                  That said, I say avoid those adaptations anyways.



                    I used to love my games..

                    All i can say is if you're in a relationship, severely limit your time and find ones you can both play together.

                    Ben, the original xwing before tie fighter was amazing.

                    Planescape torment is one i never played but apparently one of the best story lines ever.



                      yeaah, i grew up in the gaming generation and all that (i.e. we had an atari by the time my memories started forming and it went from there), but after a certain point i just kind of got tired of the blockbuster release and sequel-crazy cycle of it all. honestly, gaming seems more and more like hollywood every time i bother to pay attention, and that probably carries with it some of the problems in addition to massive budgets/staffs. i just can't make myself buy into the hype; every time i'm like "yeah!!!" i end up buying the game and getting bored within a few hours. i'm really excited for the wii u though! i've got a thing for zombies and short of day z, zombi u looks like the most legit zombie-apoc experience yet.

                      most of the games i get interested in now are mobile ones. i played through bastion on my ipad a couple weeks back. it was pretty great!

                      i also sure do love me some heroes of might and magic 2. i used to spend hours playing it on the first non-dad's-work desktop we got when i was a kid (~100mhz, baby).



                        I like to game. Ocarina of Time is the greatest game to ever be placed upon this earth. I like FIFA and NCAA (any sports game really) but also Resident Evil (only some, the newish ones have been dissapointing).

                        What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



                          Eyer..that's a pretty ballsy claim There are many great games out there(some of which north americans never got to enjoy!), I could ramble off phatasy star's, final fantasy's, secret of mana, chrono trigger, grandia, metal gear solid just off the top of my head for old consoles

                          PC had greats like Ultima & Ultima Online, Xcom(new one out for all you old guys)m Wizardry, Might and magic, wing commander, xwing series, Doom, Quake etc.

                          And this thread really really makes me angry for all the games I half played...I want to know the endings now!



                            I used to love games: Counterstrike, Tekken, Civilization, WoW, Dota, etc. After college my gaming has slowly decreased to the point where I am basically not gaming anymore. If I do play it has to be a good single player game like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, or the Batman series. Even if I had the relative video game talent of Lebron James, there's no way I can hang in multiplayer if i'm playing an hour every two weeks.



                              I havent played video games in a long time. I work and honestly dont have much interest in playing games anymore.