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    I'm a big Bond fan, I grew up watching the earlier movies with my dad. The films aren't exactly my idea of cinematic brilliance or masterpieces, but they deliver a consistent, thrilling movie that appeals to a lot of people. What person doesn't want to be James Bond? A seemingly endless expense account, finely tailored clothes, globetrotting exotic locations, just enough action, and the ability to get the members of the opposite sex into bed with not more than a sideways grin. I think it has pretty universal appeal. They aren't meant to be entirely serious films (Dalton and Craig have both slanted towards this, however) and that is part of their charm.

    I'm pretty damn excited about Skyfall. I've tried to keep spoilers to a minimum and its going to be tough with the UK premier being so far ahead of ours. I'll probably see it at least twice. If its as good as I've heard all the reviews say, and a little campier like Craig promised, I'll be very happy.

    On the sartorial side, I've already purchased a pair of the C&J Islay boots that Bond wears in the film. Pretty excited about getting those. I'm interested in the Barbour jacket as well, but buying Bond clothes is expensive.



      Hey Cannon, I thought youd appreciate this :P



        @LakeCharles - Deke is right. The TV spots are more of an action montage, but the theatrical trailers, especially the first one, are far more involved with ominous drama. It looks fantastic to me, and based on the reviews average, it is getting ranked high in the series.

        @Focuspants - I do appreciate it, that's why I linked it above! But thanks.



          So how was the movie?



            @Jessy - As I am in America, sadly I have only heard gushing love for it from the UK civilians who got to see it on October 26th, my birthday. I will be blessed with its on-screen presence November 8 at 12:45PM.



              I've gotten my piece of Bond ready to go.











                    I have my AVX seats reserved and ready to go! Excited!



                      It's about to start!



                        I never saw Quantum of Solace -- that's the only recent one I've missed. Should I rent it tonight?



                          SkyFall is fantastic.



                            @Cannon Glad you enjoyed it. Better than Casino Royale?



                              @jonATL - Yes. It is quite underrated for what it is, in my opinion. Its a smoldering, quick, aftermath epilogue for Casino Royale's Bond.

                              If you are fresh from Casino Royale, the film is at its best. By some judgments, that means it is a weaker film on its own, but I don't think it was meant to be seen alone without knowing the context of what is going on emotionally and within the plot after Casino Royale. It is really the only true sequel in the franchise. Some of the cinematography is excellent and memorable, the pace is brisk, and Bond is just about at the settling point to become Bond as we expect.

                              Casino Royale is one of the finest in the series, but Quantum of Solace is a worthy entry in the franchise.

                              @Jessy - Casino Royale is my favorite film and has been since I was fifteen (I'm 20 now, so that's 25% of my life. Big stuff.), so I'll pass on that claim. I will say that it is one of the top entries in the franchise and certainly should best any disappointed fans that felt Quantum of Solace was too serious and too Bourne. I'm not surprised that a number of reviews have said it is the finest in the series based on how well-crafted it is.

                              SkyFall is clearly written to be a more classic Bond film set in Craig's Bond's reality. Very good outlook for the next couple based on the way the film played out, as well.


                                Skyfall was really, really good.