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    I just re-watched Casino Royale (my favorite movie) and Quantum of Solace in preparation for SkyFall.

    My birthday is on October 26, which is the day SkyFall premieres in the UK. Sadly, as a US citizen, I must wait until Nov. 9 to see it.

    I don't plan on seeing it at the clever 0:07 am premiere time, but instead at 1:10 pm. I will be going by myself at this lunchtime showing on Friday, Nov. 9 because other people will annoy me. If my roommates want to join me on my second or third viewing, that's fine. But for my first viewing, I am avoiding people as much as possible.

    I don't want to have someone next to me chuckle or gasp or talk or text. Even if I know them. And I figure at 1:10pm I am also less likely to encounter atmospheric imperfections from the probably less crowded time on opening weekend.

    I am thoroughly excited for the film. So I just thought it deserved some topic chat. Or that I needed some venting therapy since no one understands why I want to go alone.


    Just curious, how many in-theater viewings are you planning on making, Cannon?



      I always see new movies at the 11am weekday showing (one of the benefits of being a grad student is no Friday class). It's basically me and a handful of seniors, and the tickets are cheaper anyway (early bird special). I much prefer watching movies this way than with two hundred high school-aged kids talking and texting and crunching on popcorn. Plus, parking is way easier to find.

      I'll probably treat myself to a Skyfall ticket - I'll have just wrapped up a final for a half-semester class, taken the MPRE, and turned in a couple papers.




        @LosRockets - Just at least two. Once alone, then again with my father, then optionally with any "friends" (I'm not a social person, so really, I'd honestly say I still just have one friend and he doesn't live near me).

        @BenR There is no 11AM showing that Friday! I have no classes, but the 1:10 PM is the earliest. I'm going to pray for emptiness. I mean, who else goes at that time? With my luck, it will probably be pretty full...

        EDIT: I didn't let anyone watch Casino Royale of Quantum of Solace with me when I did my re-watches. It was just me, Coke Zero Zero 7, and Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake.



          You going to shoot for Imax?

          I'm definitely planning on seeing it in theaters with the fiance (who is also a Bond fan), but it probably won't be the opening weekend. We might see it in imax. We saw Dark Knight Rises in imax and it was pretty ridiculous. I also like the fact that you reserve your seating.



            @ Deke - I will go for IMAX. Bigger seating area so more chance to be away from the whipper snappers and other folk that turn me into a curmudgeon. The first Bond film on official IMAX release. EOM Productions and MGM are making a big deal of it. There is an exclusive poster for people who attend the very first showing of the IMAX screenings. I want to avoid human contact though, so I will forgo that gift.

            It has gotten such good reviews and critical approval. I'm excited. Casino Royale fulfills all my coming storm, money, romance, espionage, and riviera fantasies. Quantum of Solace was a less alluring, but still hearty, rumbling after-math shorter film to wrap up the jagged edges of Casino Royale for Bond.

            I hope to enjoy SkyFall.



              Just noticed that it actually opens November 8 at 12:07 (0:07 at many theaters, despite the poster saying 12:01) in IMAX, meaning there is a whole day of showings in IMAX before the standard release on Nov. 9. I may just have to go for the 12:45 pm Nov. 8 IMAX showing.



                Wow, that's intense. I never thought of Bond as a movie that needs a lot of attention while watching... It's mostly gunshots, car chases, explosions and sexy time, right? But maybe I'm missing some deeper meaning there. I'm not a big movie buff.

                I will probably see this one though. It looks good... Despite the last one being a snoozefest.



                  Casino Royale is widely considered to be a very complex plot with several secrets for the audience to speculate on. It is a long, multi-act piece of cinema treasure and brilliance. You really ought to pay attention to it. From what I hear, dramatic direction extraordinaire Sam Mendes has made a thoughtful and smart Bond film with SkyFall.

                  Quantum of Solace is underrated by the public, in my opinion. It was overall positively received commercially and by critics despite it not hitting the high bar of Casino Royale.

                  I think as an obvious branch of Casino Royale's story, the plot and its smaller story work very well. Some of the action was directed very well and there are some excellent cinematic moments. It has shortcomings, but by no means is it a throwaway or low-ranking in the franchise's history.



                    I will be watching this in theaters. Alone and in the afternoon is also my favorite way to watch movies.



                      I'll be watching this when it makes its way to DVD probably. One, I don't go to many movies in the theater anyway, and two, I saw the trailer and it bored me. If I have to fast forward through a trailer it can't bode well for the movie.



                        I think that bodes worse for your attention span than it does the movie



                          It was all action! I can pay attention to a trailer that tells me something other than a) people will move around quickly and things will get blown up and b) the actors/actresses are attractive. I've watched Bela Tarr's Satantango straight through (twice), so I think my movie attention span is well documented.



                            Touché, good sir.

                            Have you seen the earlier trailers (the one with Bond being interrogated, specifically)? Most of the TV spots have been pretty much just action, but I've seen a couple that actually use some dialogue. Regardless, I think the trailers can afford to leave out some story, as the movie can rely on its pedigree (and fanbase), to draw people in. Basically, I wouldn't write it off as a Michael Bay movie just yet.



                              Yeah, I have only seen one and I know it's not fair, but hey, first impressions are important. I'm generally pretty ambivalent about Bond movies, but with all the hype its been getting (here and elsewhere) I thought I'd check out a trailer. At which point I remembered why I am ambivalent about Bond movies.