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help me not buy anything!

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    help me not buy anything!

    Simple as it sounds. I tend to make little ($20-30) impulse purchases that I really don't need - but those little purchases really add up. So I'm cutting out my unnecessary impulse spending.

    All you need to do is read this post! And express how very disappointed/contemptuous/etc. you would be if I fail. Because it would sure be embarrassing for me to fail at something which should, in all reality, be pretty easy.

    My goal: Not to buy unnecessaries until at least Christmas (and beyond?).

    It's easier to define "unnecessaries" in the negative. I don't mean:

    -Decent food

    -The occasional adult beverage

    -Basic entertainment (occasional movie tickets)



    -Christmas gifts for others


    Basically, I am going to abstain from buying "stuff." Clothes, shoes, watches, accessories, gadgets, electronics, knick-knacks, and so on. Honestly, I have all the "stuff" I should realistically need for years to come.

    If I win, my prize is - more money left in my bank account! Yay!

    Game on!



    *crickets chirping*



      You might have an easier time doing that if you actually reward yourself with something tangible. it doesn't have to be big, but it would help if it's something you want, whether that's a new watch for your collection (nothing too fancy), a night on the town, or even a lump payment into a retirement account with a set dollar value as a goal.

      Simply put, it's easier to perform when you have goals that are difficult yet achieveable.



        Bad goal: "spend less"

        Good goal: "save $500 on misc junk between now and New Years"



          Ben, my name is not Bill Clinton, nevertheless -- "I feel your pain"

          What helps me is creating a list (actually two lists -- one for the remainder of 2012 and the second one for 2013 and beyond (a couple of years out roughly). I have both of them on Amazon as you can add items to your Amazon list from ANY website -- not just Amazon. You can sort you list by priority (high to low) and save the sorted order as a bookmark.

          I know exactly what I am getting in the 3 months left in 2012 as I recently prioritized by list. I had to really think about what I need and not need after having carefully purged my closet.

          Of course, it also helps not to read any of Joe's reviews!



            Alan, it's as if you have read the recent bestseller "Smart Thinking". One of the book's takeaways is to always replace a bad habit with a good habit and not simply give up a habit.



              @pomor: Not familiar with that book, but it sounds like I should check it out. I'm just speaking from personal experience on what works for me and taking a page from my MBA classes. Goals need to be clearly defined to be effective. Mabye I should write a book!



                @ Alan - I get what you're saying, but my goal is (at least in my own mind) pretty well-defined.

                My problem: I too often look at small purchases and am able to justify them to myself for any number of reasons, including but not limited to the low price. Those decisions rarely take into consideration whether I actually need something, but only whether, after some skewed cost-benefit analysis, the purchase is a "good" one.

                The end: To have the mental fortitude to look a totally sweet deal in the face and say, "You are awesome and cheap but I have no actual need of you."

                The means: Quitting these purchases cold turkey for a predetermined period of time to break the impulse-buying habit and develop self-discipline as a habit instead.

                My purpose in posting here on Threads is essentially as an accountability mechanism. I know from experience that it's pretty easy to bend or break personal goals when the only person keeping you on the straight-and-narrow is also the person who really wants to make that impulse purchase. I've also talked to a close friend of mine about my goal, but I feel like multiple sources of accountability can't hurt. So now when I see those good deals, I will have to weigh more than just my own desires into the equation.




                  Every time you want to buy something you don't need, post it in this thread and we'll look at you with this face.



                    You just gotta look at yuorself in the mirror and say...



                      @Alan hit the nail on the head. When I did the No Spend Challenge my goal was a new pair of driving mocs to replace my boat shoes. They were only $70 but it was motivation to save.

                      Now I am doing it again starting 10/15 through 1/1/2013. My goal is be able to save enough to replenish savings that was reduced by doctors bills from the birth of our second daughter.

                      These fasting periods are great for cutting down on impulse buys. The only thing I see derailing this is a winter coat if it gets really cold in November/December. This is doubtful for Charlotte though.



                        Sell all your clothes to a friend, and every time you feel the urge to spend money, buy something back.



                          Ben, I just read a wonderful article that talks about overconsumption of news and information in general that you can apply to your spending habits




                            There's something really refreshing about minimalism.

                            I've been living in a small apartment for years, and have therefore tried to avoid buying anything large.

                            I'd say the majority of my clutter comes from clothes and small electronics, cables, and tools.

                            The hardest part for me is donating clothing that I've never worn, but probably never will wear. I'm finding it difficult to keep my wardrobe to only staples since I feel like I wear the same shirts to work everyday.

                            Seasonal clothes also take up a lot of space (sweaters, coats, etc).

                            I also feel like I have way too many shoes, yet don't feel like I have enough to cover my needs!

                            Black Park Avenue + Brown J&M Aldrich II (like 5th avenue) for work

                            Brown Strands + Walnut McAllister for dressier casual (blazer/jeans/chinos/etc)

                            Taupe Desert Boot + Brown pebble grain desert boot for very casual (jeans+buttondown)

                            Canvas sneakers for lifting

                            Saucony sneakers for running

                            Grey suede puma sneakers for very casual

                            That's 9 pairs of shoes, and I still don't have:

                            - a nice pair of sandals

                            - any kind of good winter boot or hiking boot