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    over the ears - earphones

    So my trusty $5 over the ears (china made) have stopped working and am looking for another nice pair. Do not want to spend 100s of dollars but definitely more than $5. I am of course not an audiophile and just want somethung that will sound nice and stay on. In-ear headphones never really stay put, plus they hurt. Headphones are not really an option - because I do not want to carry them around when I am not listening to music.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    to give you an idea this is the kind of shape I am looking for-


    Well, a friend of mine runs Head-Fi:

    They do reviews and such on there, but just a heads-up, whenever I ask him for headphones he always pushes some brand of custom-molded blah blahs from Germany that are hand-made in a lab by some guys who dress entirely in tweed (probably).

    Regardless, they have a buying guide:



      I have some Klipsch S4i (, really like them. I would recommend Shure or Sennheisers too, but it's best to find one that fits your listening style or usage patterns best.



        I happen to work for Klipsch. We have a very basic patent that gives us the advantage in comfort and isolation. You may think in-ears are uncomfortable, but you need to try out Klipsch in-ears.

        Here's info on why you choose Klipsch in-ears:

        Assuming you an iOS user, here are the Image S4i (II):

        If you have any questions, let me know.



          @chicubs1908: I have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad luck with ear buds. They last about 6 months, then one side or the other cuts out - which is usually fixed if I push the cord up toward the ear bud itself but reverts to dead if I let go. After a few days of this, the sound goes out altogether.

          I assume this happens because I commute with them, walk everywhere with them, run with them and basically just batter them in my bag and pants pockets. I've bought expensive buds before thinking that 1) they would be more durable; and 2) I would be more careful about something more expensive. Neither was in fact true. So I have resigned myself to using cheap, easily replaceable (and often replaced) ear buds. But this is not my preference. I'm not an audiophile, but I recognize and enjoy better sound and I would like to incorporate it into my life.

          So, sell me on these Klipsch numbers, with an emphasis on how durable they are (or alternatively, explain that I'm obviously a dumbass for doing "X" which is well known to cause the problem I describe and easy to stop doing).

          I recognize that you aren't totally objective here, but that's OK; I'll take the appropriately-sized grain of salt.




            chicubs1908: I have the S4i, and they constantly cut in and out when they move in the headphone jack in my ipod touch. Other headphones do not have this issue. Any known issues with those things?



              Grado SR-80s. Best bang for the buck, by far, and great headphones.



                @ Shomas - The NEW Image S4i (II) have been specifically redesigned to improve durability at critical points of stress. New tangle-resistant flat cables are also a god send if you hate tangling wires.

                The Image S4i Ruggeds actually may be up your alley. They offer improved durability and moisture resistance, as they are built for outdoor activities such as skiing or mountain climbing. They do not have the flat cables of the NEW Image S4i (II) or Image S4A (II).

                Klipsch also has a two year manufactuer's warranty if you buy from an authorized dealer. It is almost no questions asked. So simple. People love our customer service. Getting a replacement is very easy.

                Your previous in-ears are breaking because you shouldn't just shove them in your bag and whatnot (I do the same in all honesty)...You just have to realize that these are tiny tiny electronics. They are prone to breaking. This is why our 2 year warranty is FANTASTIC. Using the including carrying case will go a LONG way to improving the durability of any headphones you pick up. Yes, that is obvious, but, again, these are tiny electronics, you need to treat them as such.

                @ frost, your headphones shouldn't be moving while they are in the headphone jack. Not sure I get what you're saying...In any case, something is definitely wrong and you should take advantage of our 2 year manufacturer's warranty (assuming you bought from an authorized dealer). Please call us at 800-KLIPSCH or email [email protected] (phone is faster as email gets backed up).



                  @chicubs1908: I mean when the 1/8" jack swivels while inserted in the headphone jack. You can twirl it all you like. It shouldn't render static. I'm not saying you should do this on purpose.. but when sitting in a jacket pocket, it's bound to move around here and there. When it does, mine pair is clearly defective. Unfortunately, I've misplaced the receipt unfortunately, so I suppose I'm out of luck.



                    @ Frost: I wouldn't necessarily assume that. Try giving us a call at 800-KLIPSCH and there may be something they can do. If you've had the headphones under 2 years, you may have a dang good shot at it.



                      @chicubs1908: thanks for the input, I'll give it a shot.



                        Just a heads up: look into a Best Buy or Radio Shack warranty if you find a nice, affordable one there. I recommend their warranty (~$5 for ~12 months coverage) because they will replace your headphones if anything happens to them - even if they are $20 headphones!




                          I would recommend these, perfect length and it has a clip. I run 10 miles in them and almost forgot that they were there. Only one tiny problem is that if you sweat a lot, then it can clog up the buds and reduce the sound but just wait a day or two for it to dry and it will be fine. Price goes up and down from $17-22..



                            Thanks for the suggestions.

                            @ aaron - the MEElectronics ones look nice. Will check them out.


                              Necro'ing an older post here, but just in case you're still looking for some clip-on (street) style of phones, I'd HIGHLY recommend the Koss KSC75:


                              They can be found on sale at RadioShack on sale for as low as $9. They may look a bit cheap or questionable, but they are highly praised by numerous audiophiles. Check out a few popular sites like:






                              I snagged a pair several years back, and they are still one of my all time faves. They are "open" - so you can hear some outside noise (sometimes that's good, like say a car about to hit you if you're out running), so they are not a total sound isolation option. However, they have a super open sounding range, and some incredible sound, that is not overdone or seemingly misadjusted/overcompensated in any way.

                              There is a very easy head-band mod that you can do to make them sit even tighter on your head, if you wish to tighten up the bass some. My pair is mod'd as such, and I prefer them that way, as opposed to the clip-on style as they are originally designed.

                              Check them out, for a mindblowing experience of such a low price point piece of audio gear.