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Introductions thread, say Hi!

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    Introductions thread, say Hi!

    Hi everybody. I'm glad the forums are up and running, and I'm really honoured to be in the first group of users.

    I started this thread so everybody can introduce themselves. Hopefully people will want to share a little bit about themselves

    I'm Chris, I'm British (from the North) but I live in New York City. I've only recently become really interested in style, so I'm sure I will have lots of questions.

    I received my first order from Bonobo's yesterday (a pair of blue cotton dress pants for $50) and I'm excited to try them on and get them hemmed.

    I look forward to getting to know the rest of you!


    Hi all, I'm Joolander (you can call me Joo). I live in Florida. I've made it a New Year's resolution to get a better wardrobe this year, and that's how I found Dappered.

    I just got my first suit (besides the one my parents bought me in highschool) from Indochino, and I'm excited to start finding occasions to wear it.



      Hi everyone I'm chase, i'm a music major at my college in michigan and realized upon arrival in the fall that in college the unwritten dress code is a few notches up from my usual ratty t-shirt and jeans so i started upgrading my look. Also started purchasing some basic investment pieces (a suit, some fitted white shirts and ties) that i will be able to wear out there in this "real world" that i keep hearing about. Dappered has been a BIG help in that respect. i'm a lot like ChrisW in that i didn't really start paying attention to style until recently, so i will have questions, and i will warn you all in advance that some of them will probably be stupid. Good to be here




        Hi all,

        Hope to be posting here for recommendations so I thought I'd introduce myself. Name's Murph. I've dropped 25 lbs over the last 10 months - have been somewhat easily maintaining for a few months and have started rebuilding the wardrobe. Never cared much about it when I was heavier...

        Lots of purchases, many good, but some misses. Am trying to minimize the misses now and come here often for recommendations.

        My biggest issues revolve around my height, which is short, and my shoulders, which are wide.


        Height: 5'6 1/2

        Weight: 160

        Chest: 39 1/2

        Waist: Actual measurement 33. Generally wear 30-31" waist pants depending on maker. 30" in Banana Republic - vanity sizing and all...

        Inseam: 29

        Neck: 15 1/2

        Sleeve: 32-33

        Biggest problem now is shirts and jackets. Most 38 shorts are too narrow through the shoulders. 40 Shorts (even slim fit)are generally very boxy and have a lot of extra around the waist. Tailors seem to have a hard time bringing them in enough - I've tried 2... Banana Republic Tailored 40 Shorts fit pretty well, but they're expensive (for me) and I hate the whole discount game. I got a medium corduroy blazer at Uniqlo that fits great (except the sleeves) but I find their pricing high on jackets for what they are. Bought the Target Kensington Blazers online (medium) and they're too tight through the shoulders. I'd be swimming in a Large. Any other recommendations for sources of inexpensive jackets would be appreciated.

        Shirts are especially hard. Used to wear 16 1/2, 32-33 and lots of the old shirts still don't fit me in the neck - shrunk over time at the cleaners. Because of this, I worry about buying smaller sizes. Buying a straight medium at most places usually results in something with sleeves that are too long and baggy around the waist. At least 40 bucks of tailoring to shorten the sleeves and bring in the sides, even on slim fits. Tailored slim fits at BR are pretty good for me except the sleeves. Based on reading here, I plan to try Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt next, although the pricing is a bit rich for me. Again, other source recommendations are welcome.

        Guess that's it. From reading here, I know that many of you can commiserate with my "problems".

        Looking forward to reading more and learning from you all.




          Hi all, I am Joseph. My last name is Eyerman hint my username. I graduated college about a year and a half ago. I am an accountant at a manufacturing company. I live in South Carolina. And I am in the same boat as Murph. Short. 5'5" so shopping can be a hassel.

          What we do in life echos throughout eternity.



            I had to chuckle at Chris getting dress pants from Bonobos for $50. Oh how the times change..



              Hi there, I am a noob on these forums as well. My name is Sanel, and as my name hints, I am nor from U.S(moved here around 10 years ago), so I would like to apologize upfront for all grammar and other mistakes I will continually make.

              I like this webite, and I think guys in forums offer many helful tips, I hope i will be able to do the same someday.


                Hello friends, I am Avie Gail. I am post graduate, now i am living in calgary (canada). I am new in this thread.