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Ever get... "Do you work here"?

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    Ever get... "Do you work here"?

    Just cause I have tie on some people seem to think I am working when I'm just picking up some groceries or something.

    Looking for good replys...


    Went into Nordstrom's with my future wife years back wearing my corporate uniform (suit + tie); waited for her in the ladies shoe department and got not one but two "do you work here sir?".



      That moment you walk into Target to grab a quick something and look down to realize you're wearing a red polo and khaki pants.



        Vespamatt - I've had that happen way too often. But almost any red shirt will get somebody to ask if I work there.

        Otherwise I was once walking through a JCPenney and a guy stopped me and was asking me if "we" had this shoe in a different size in back. The kicker? I worked with the dude and had seen him just a couple hours before this, and he STILL mistook me for someone who worked at JCPenney.



          I worked at Target in high school and haven't worn that combo since. I used to teller at the financial institution I work for now and get people stopping me because I look familiar to them. They're just not sure why.



            It is worse than "why are you so dressed up" or "where did you just come from" in my opinion. It was funny once though when this one guy I casually know from the pub was looking for a job and he thought I was the manager.

            But no good come backs?

            For instance... "Where did you just come from?" Reply: "Over there".



              People have quit asking me why I am "dressed up". At this point, they've moreso just come to expect it.

              The only guy that gives me hell, also asks me for advice.



                Just roll with it. Next time just say yes and when they ask you where you carry the brown mustard, tell them aisle 7.



                  Yeah but everyone knows that the brown mustard is always in aisle 4. Why would intentionally lead them astray like that? How do you sleep at night??



                    Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nordstrom Rack...

                    "You're so stylish" is the #1 reason why they assume I work there.



                      Happens all the damn time. I think it's partly dress, but also because I'm usually caught checking the structure of an item for quality or defects or in the grocery I'm the one looking at and comparing labels.



                        I'm standing in a target. White OCBD and slim jeans. Some fresh to college kid with a summer's worth of peach fuzz, "Do you work here?" No.

                        I just assume he was high.



                          Problem: Wah. People make fun of me or make me feel awkward for over-dressing and/or assume I'm the manager of the local Taco Bell because I'm wearing a tie.

                          Solution: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Time to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin.

                          /tough love.



                            "do you work here sir?"

                            "In a way yes... But actually 'here' works for me... Let me take you to someone who can help you" (smile)

                            Take them to a sales person and politely ask him to "help this fine customer"

                            Customer thinks you own the place. Employee wonders if maybe you do. High five yourself



                              Only that one time when I wore a stethoscope to go get a bagel from the shop in the lobby of the local hospital.

                              Obviously the guy sitting at the table next to me didn't listen when his mother told him to chew his food 20 times before he swallows.

                              So I'm all like, "Dude, I can barely spell 'Heimlich' much less perform it!"