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A tailor's limitations?

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    A tailor's limitations?

    There is some great knowledge in the dappered community on tailoring. Most of my tailoring questions are about sleeves. I know they can't do anything about suit shoulders, but I'm wondering what their other limits are.

    I'm assuming a tailor can't lengthen dress shirt sleeves (or maybe I'm wrong about that), can they shorten them typically? Can they take in the girth of a dress shirt sleeve? Also, with blazers with functional button holes, is it easier for a tailor to shorten or lengthen those sleeves? Or do the functional button holes make it a nightmare no matter what?


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    I know a tailor can easily take in the girth of a dress shirt sleeve.

    Scratch that off your list hehe.

    Generally a tailor can easily take in any item you bring them, but lengthening is a different story. Depends on the garment.



      Girth yes

      shirts can be shortened, but once shortended, cant really be lengthened.

      Blazers with surgeon cuffs can be tailored, but its costly very costly, it used to be that the cuffs showed sign of the jacket being besoke or MTM, but now alot of brands are doing it. I would stay away from buying it and trying to tailor it...

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        I just had my tailor take in the the girth of the sleeves on five of my shirts, as I just found out this could be done. They honestly feel brand new.



          On my suit jackets and blazers, the main limitation seems to shoulder adjustments.

          I think a very skilled tailor could do it, but for 99% it's prohibitively time consuming and expensive.

          I also had a blazer that fit a bit tight on the waist (with the buttons closed), I asked my tailor if she could "let it out" and she said the way the jacket was constructed, she couldn't. I suppose it's not impossible though - depending on how the jacket is made.

          Slimming sleeves is fairly simple I think, especially on a dress shirt. It seems to be a fairly easy, inexpensive adjustment and really enhances the look. Most OTR dress shirts sleeves are baggy and loose.

          What I would like to know is if a tailor can adjust the arm holes of a dress shirt (maybe pin down the extra fabric) so it get rids of that "flying squirrel" look under the arms. Does anybody know if this is possible?



            Yeah, you really have to see the tailor in person and see what they can work with. Sometimes you'd be surprised. For example, its a general assumption that a tilor can take things in pretty easily but I knew a tailor who had a strict limit on how far he woud go. He said that trying to bring something in too drastically would cause certain seams to not run straight and it would be noticeable.

            (granted this dude had been tailoring the same military uniforms for decades and was pretty much the master on it.)



              taking up arm holes is also insanely difficult, since it is usually the intersection of 4 pieces of fabric. a lot of the time it can't be done, since you would have to be adding more fabric to the body panels