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    When did phones become the new religion for people to argue about?



      When people turned them into a status symbol. And those damn justin long commercials!

      Funny thing is the old trend of smaller and smaller seems to have gone away now



        @BenR - Considering Apple has one of the lowest employee turnover rates in retail, I don't think they mind the way Apple sales work.

        I feel like people don't pay good attention to how these companies do major patent lawsuits. All of the major electronics makers are currently in lawsuits against each other. Apple is not uniquely pursuing action for basic patents. And it does not hurt the consumer because that isn't what the end goal is for Apple. Taking a look at how patent suits on already majorly released products go, Apple's best outcome is if Samsung, rather than having to recall phones and update software to remove features (phones that were already sold and on the market, mind you, meaning Apple would gain nothing from blocking the sale of old phones that already sold over iPhone), is if Samsung pays licensing costs to Apple for rights to keep using the designs (which they will do, because it would be hell for Apple's PR and Samsung's PR and customers if they refused to pay for the tech). Most often, this is where these calls to bar infringing products go, is to a licensing settlement. Then Apple gets instant cash for the designs, and Samsung's market goes unchanged.

        People really also seem to oversimplify the rectangle thing. They basically patented the iPhone's design layout, which was totally unique as a finger-navigated touchscreen phone at the time (the category didn't even exist on the market yet). Why can't Apple own the rights to a large rectangular finger-navigated touchscreen (that no one else had designed yet), a primary button on the bottom, with descriptive round-corner design? How many phones really fit that description when Apple requested rights to that patent? Just the iPhone.

        Yeah, now it seems so deeply part of the smartphone market, but that is because Apple did it so well and it is their design for the iPhone that spawned the touchscreen shapes for other companies afterwards that were based on the well-received iPhone design.

        And Apple invented pinch-to-zoom, so why the heck did other companies even program it in to their phones without paying for the right? If Android makers didn't want to pay for the tech to use a technique Apple came up with, they should have stuck with the original Android zoom buttons instead of copying Apple's great method.

        They all have gotten ideas from each other, so let's get off Apple's back with the misinformation here.

        @shadow4life - Let's not exaggerate here. The connectors haven't changed in about a decade, dating back to when it was invented for iPod. Apple includes the needed cable in every iPhone box, and will do so with the new one. Any extras cost $19.99, not $50. And considering that Apple is not a bargain brand, but a luxury consumer electronics design brand, why the heck are you acting like they should be charging what the fragmented Android makers charge?

        Apple has a kingdom because they keep themselves up there with things like price, design, and yearly updates. It sounds silly to me to act like they should be at the same prices as everyone else, which totally ignores what a brand and a name does. Again, you don't pick on designers for their name costing so much. Apple gets a premium for being the brilliant Apple.

        Why do people act like Apple is trying to be the same as Android and PC, but charge more? They are trying to be a premium brand with a more protected image. It makes no sense to criticize what they charge for their branded products like it makes no sense to criticize other industries' designers for theirs.



          When Apple fanboys (and -girls) became religiously invested in the Gospel of Saint Steve. ;-)

          I daresay the rest of us would not be so annoyed by Apple if its fans were not so creepily, cultishly devoted to it.

          Getting consumers to personally invest themselves into the products has been one of Apple's more successful marketing strategies. Many Apple fans view criticisms of Apple or its products as personal insults. Conversely, as others have mentioned, fans also tend to view their Apple products as expressions of their superior taste and their membership in a small but elite class of "chosen" consumers.




            Cannon: You need to mellow, people are allowed to get on apples backs, along with saying how apple spawned the touchscreen revolution, the LG prada sold over a million units. Judging by the amount of prior art out there before the iphone was released, it seemed to be quite a popular idea. Heck I wanted Palm/iPaqs back in the day You're free to your opinion, but please don't go based on the opinion that no one else had designed a touch screen rectangle.

            Prior Art:


            2006, and it's not even the first, there was the Sony Prototype that apple may have borrowed from after they saw it.


            Regarding multi touch: Microsoft surface had that

            and specifically pinch to zoom was borrowed from Mitsubishi.


            I will also point out that in Korea, they found both companies guilty and said STFU whiners which is how it should be, just make your phones and sell them.



              I wonder how inoffensive I can be and still get Cannon to publish another essay?



                There is too much obsession here. The best phone is the one that you as a user can fully utilize as you want to.



                  " And considering that Apple is not a bargain brand, but a luxury consumer electronics design brand, why the heck are you acting like they should be charging what the fragmented Android makers charge?"

                  You're seriously going to sit there and call me poor because I don't own a "luxury" phone? Are you kidding me, get off your god damn high horse before I knock you off it. It's snobs like you that end up sitting at a martini bar wonder why no one wants a "sensitive guy with a sweet phone". While us "poor" folks are out there busting our ass off at work, gym, sports, being social and actually talking to people.

                  Taking an Aveo and slapping a Ferarri badge on it does not make it a luxury car.

                  "However, those who have accumulated a wealth of 30-pin cables and accessories are going to have to fork over the big bucks to allow them to work with Apple's new Lightning connector. Apple is listing the Lightning to 30-pin adapter for $29 on its online store. Considering that you would need one adapter for each cable/accessory, things could get pricey pretty quickly."

                  19.99 Huh? Take the blinders off.


                  /rant off



                    @LakeCharles - I don't think I've been arguing from a personally offended point of view, but if it came off that way, my mistake. I am mainly just refuting things I have a different understanding of. The essays are just responses to points stated ahead of my own, right?

                    @shadow4life - Perhaps it is because this is all being done in text that it isn't clear, but I'm mellow.

                    And I'm bound to get stuff wrong, but if I understand correctly the LG stopped pursuing the claim that Apple may have copied them because Apple held evidence to show that the iPhone had been designed long before LG revealed the Prada.

                    The claim was backed up in the Samsung lawsuit when Apple revealed "Purple", the original name for the iPhone project.

                    And I wasn't claiming they came up with multi-touch (though they did do it on phones).

                    The pinch-to-zoom projector thing may indeed be something Apple saw and copied. I guess the courts will decide that one.

                    Again, I don't claim that iPhone would be what it is without its competitors. I've already made that clear. We all know where the Notification center came from.



                      @shadow4life - I think you misread my posts. I definitely mentioned there is a higher end of Android phones, but that Android is also the source of the bargain phones. Am I wrong there? I didn't call anyone poor, or even imply that choosing certain phones is actual related to your value. Maybe you don't realize it, but there's people here who could definitely afford the iPhone range but have clearly stated they prefer the deals or openness of Android, making price and net worth rather separate.

                      And you said the connectors cost "$50 a pop". That's not true, it's $19.99, like I said:

                      And since I clearly fired you up somehow,

                      /drops mic



                        Looks like I'm late to the debate (rhyming too, what what?).

                        I'll chime in and say I love my Android phone. It's quite easy to use and there's a lot of neat stuff you can do with it. However, I think iPhone are very well made and are better than Androids for many people.

                        I mainly like Android because of it's open-sourced nature. You can install whatever you want, even a new OS. Also, as a developer, I still have trouble understanding why Objective-C is the way it is. It basically threw out all the standard syntax and decided to redo everything. Even if it might be a bit slower performance, I'll take my Java dev environment any day.

                        Also, Google integration rocks!



                          Unfortunately, it appears that it is impossible for some members to share a difference of opinion and maintain a sense of civility and respect. I have closed this thread and deleted the offensive posts.