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    Hey Cannon, (no sarcasm) do you work at Apple? You're literally more informative than half the posts I read at Giz. I'm sure you don't just because you linked Gizmodo's "live blog"(since the iPhone 4 debacle, they're not invited to any apple parties. Ha).

    zerostyle, I will agree with you, I haven't used many android devices, but I have a coworker who is a diehard android fanboy, so I hear a lot about them. Android is an amazing platform, I do believe, though, that they are too spread out, with so many devices sporting different specs I imagine it's very difficult for Devs (let alone consumers) to keep up. This doesn't include the big players(galaxy 3 is amazing!!!) which have androids almost undevided attention.

    Side note, my co worker would drop by and lay his galaxy 3 on my desk next to my 4s whenever we'd talk, just to rub the screen in my face.. I will admit, I had a little bit of screen envy in that old fashioned peeing contest. The 16:9 screen is nice, but as they say, bigger is better.



      I'll be upgrading to the 5 as soon as possible.

      If you can afford it, it's the best. By a little.



        @Miike W - I don't, but I would gladly. I watch the keynotes, read the specs, and search the web like crazy when new things are happening with Apple. I almost always feel like I have at least as informative answers the ones I hear at Apple retail stores, but perhaps I'm just overly thorough and fanatically interested.

        And bigger isn't better! At least not to me. I never understood the over and super-sized phone screens up over 4" and wider. The Galaxy Note is nuts to my poor pockets, as with that Dell Android thing from a while back. There is a limit on the comfort of a phone with a thumb's reach and a pocket's width. I think 16:9 is brilliant, and 4" is great.

        Shamelessly, I'd buy the iPhone if it were too big anyways.

        @nicholascrawford - While this is not necessarily the best way to say it, I sure didn't mind when a radio host convinced her co-hosts that everybody knows the slick iPhone because it "feels like the Rolls-Royce of phones."

        Sure, Roll-Royce doesn't come from the factory in all the colors you can imagine, but damn, the sound it makes when you tap on it.



          @Jordan - Apple never went bankrupt. Even at their low point in the mid-to-late '90s, they always had huge cash reserves that would have enabled them to weather their losses for many years, had those losses continued. Might they go bankrupt one day? Perhaps. Companies that seem completely dominant in their market can disappear surprisingly quickly, as Woolworths, United Fruit and Pan Am did. But I wouldn't bet on it. Apple have been in business since the '70s, and have been more influential on the history of computing than any company past or present. And right now, their growth is staggering.

          Anyway, I'm planning on getting the iPhone 5. I've been out of contract for quite a while, and my 3GS is beginning to show its age. I have it unlocked, so plan to keep it for use in the UK on my trips home, with my o2 SIM card. I found the announcement of the new iPhone a little underwhelming, given that everything that was announced was more or less public knowledge already. I thought they might at least have one surprise. The Steve Jobs "one more thing" thing. It wasn't to be.

          My biggest complaint about iOS 6 is the new maps app. I think it's deeply disappointing that they've removed walking and transit directions in favor of turn-by-turn driving directions. To make up for it, I contributed money to OpenTripPlanner's Kickstarter project. The app looks like it's going be great, but it's never going to have the reach that a pre-installed app will.



            I'm going to kindly request that a few members tone it down by a notch. I understand that you're passionate, but please keep in mind that the products that are under discussion are separated from the core identity of the individuals who post here. You're perfectly welcome to express dissatisfaction in a product, but you are not welcome to personal attacks against other members.

            The moderator team will be monitoring this thread with a gentle hand, but we will remove any posts that violate this rule.



              Let's hear it for*shame faced*



                IT's not that other company's aren't evil, its that the sum of the items that Apple is does is far above and beyond. In fact most of the points you are bragging on are actually the result of their unsavory business tactics.

                Most money in the bank? - They refuse to pay dividends to shareholders, donate nothing to charity, and make 60% profit margins on hardware when almost any other manufactuer makes maybe 20%.

                So called awesome "design" patents? - The jury's are fools that don't want to see their precious iPod maker get in trouble. So they uphold that BS in court.

                People buying their stuff in droves - They prey on the uneducated when it comes to technology, and the vast majority of people have no clue on understanding and using technology. The proof in the pudding is complete BS and elitist slogans like "Impervious to viruses" and "It just works!"

                In fact, if you find android impossible to use or even slightly difficult, you should probably be getting your meals through a permanently attached feeding tube.

                iPhone 5 the best? How? Name one feature it has that wasnt on android first. I can name a bunch that Android has that the iPhone still doesn't have. Hell my Evo 4G had 4G over 2 years ago before the iPhone 4 was ever released. It's not the best when it can't compete on fact based analysis of features and technology and instead relies on BS anecdotal claims of "its easier to use" and "its prettier".



                  @bruschetta - Agreed. Thank you! Might be time to close this thread down.



                    @Jordan - One correction, Apple started paying dividends last month. I just checked my account online and I received $2.65 per share on 8/17/12.

                    This thread is going down the wrong path.



                      They only started paying dividends recently, and now do employee matching donations to charity. Point is, it shouldnt have gotten to the point that they had more money than the government before they paid their shareholders.

                      On that note, im done with this thread.



                        So the iPhone 5 huh? Maybe we should stick to more diplomatic topics. Like boobs... or, you know, beer.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          Hooray beer!



                            As a shareholder I love AAPL. They consistently crank out profits, have tons of cash, and have amazing marketing. They have set product upgrades every year that keep Apple lovers spending their money. Love em or hate em people will pay a premium for their products which are very well designed for functionality and aesthetics. The connector change was genius profit-wise, but a dick-move customer-wise.

                            On the flip side they are overzealous with lawsuits, have factories that wouldn't meet US labor standards, and have prices that are way higher than the hardware within the device. I guess it just depends on which side your own (that comment about politics may not be so far off).



                              As a (soon to be) lawyer, Apple's recent lawsuit against Samsung has soured me even more against the company. As some commentators on the issue noted, Apple basically sued Samsung over the kinds of "infringements" that occur and go un-sued every day. Patenting a rectangle with rounded corners and a button on the bottom? Really?

                              Unfortunately, consumers are the ones likely to suffer for it. The changes that Samsung and other Apple competitors are going to have to make (like finding a different method to zoom besides the common and now-intuitive "pinch to zoom") will only result in consumer frustration, not real innovation. The fact that Apple's competitors have been hamstringed from using design features that we now regard as basic to smartphones in general will result in fewer choice and steeper prices for everyone.

                              That's all basically an aside, but it colors my reaction to the iPhone 5 release, which like many, is a giant "meh." I guess copying other company's designs is ok when you're Apple and making a bigger, thinner phone, but NOT ok when you're Samsung and making a rectangular phone with rounded corners. I may not be a techie, but my perception is that Apple is no longer focused on innovation, and instead has become focused on protecting their market share through legal and marketing shenanigans.

                              Another reason I dislike Apple: Their pricing strategy. They make a huge profit margin on their products, but no one else does. One of my summer roommates works in commissioned sales, including electronics like phones and computers. Because of Apple's pricing strategy, he literally makes more money off selling a cheap iPhone/iPad accessory than he does off selling an iPhone or iPad. He gets something like a $10 commission for selling a $600 iPad. He would rather sell just about anything other than Apple products. It disgusts me a little that Apple designers, marketers, and shareholders cut themselves such a huge slice of the pie and leave virtually nothing for the people who actually make or sell Apple products. When you pay a premium for a product, like a handsewn pair of raw denim jeans, it's because you believe that people who made the product deserve to be paid fairly. But that's certainly not the reason Apple prices its products the way it does.

                              I bought an iPhone 4S this summer (my first smartphone) for two reasons - 1. I was already familiar with the basic functioning, as I've owned an iPod Touch for three years. 2. I wasn't interested in sorting through the overwhelming selection of non-iPhones when my smartphone needs (on-the-go browsing, maps, and email) are fairly basic.

                              I just hope that by the time I need to upgrade this phone, there will be more viable competition, as unlikely as that seems at this point.




                                Edit: This is almost like a nVidia vs ATI/AMD GPU arguement, everyone hates one side for a reason but the arguements people use are just terrible "ATI Drivers suck!" yet when I had one of my many nVidia cards...their driver team ended up wiping my hard drive because they had a bug with Dark Age of Camelot that would reset your PC mid game.

                                To each their own, just don't piss on someone else for their enjoyment, unless it's something like the Holocaust didn't happen...then feel free to take a steaming....

                                @jordan: My issue with the connectors is you have to buy them at about $50 a pop, and your old iphone docks might not work etc. I think it's an intentional tactic to sell more accessories and is just a slap in the face of people that have previous phones.

                                Back on to the crazy thread hah. I'm not putting anyone down for their views unless they ask for it :P I will just share mine. I will point out though that I've turned down offers from electric companies doing contract renewals etc because they used and iPad instead of a normal piece of paper. I'm not supporting the usage of toys in a business world, I have to support systems and web interfaces so I'd prefer to not have to worry about 8 different types of phones and tablets trying to use them.

                                I will give it to them for:

                                - having good looking hardware

                                - great battery life in their phones(most likely due to their sort of multitasking but not really multitasking impelmentation)

                                -GPU in the iPhone has hands down been in the best of class category every time

                                - I'm on the fence about the lack of hardware upgrading but it DOES make operating systems much much more stable, as seen with Windows having their certified hardware list etc.

                                -They made it so anyone can use a PC.."click the big button down here grandma"

                                Why I dislike apple as a company:

                                They are trying to control every single thing a user does, soon you won't be able to install anything on any of their OS's without buying through their store..which developers will raise prices to cover the cost.

                                BS marketing ploy "It Just works", which a few of my family members bought in to, and not one of them has had a mac book pro that "just worked". I had to fix the wireless adapter on one because it went nuts using DHCP, and the other...well screen died a month out of warranty and the replacement cost was insane.

                                Charging so much more for such limited hardware.

                                Locking down the OS to intel specific chips, I'm sorry but Microsoft got sued out the ying yang for including Internet Explorer in Windows in the US and not releasing Source Code in the EU...yet Apple can bundle thier own software and force you to buy a specific CPU?!

                                iTunes & quicktime....they are viruses in my book, always trying to steal file associations and the iTunes auto buddy has a fun time when it wiped his ipod because I had formatted my PC and moved all the music :P

                                And the whole I'm better than you attitude, I know it sounds cliche but I know quite a few Mac users and they have that attitude, heck one email from a higher up said "It should work, just like how a Mac works!"...which we wanted to respond "You're using it wrong"! Also a co worker that doesn't know how to do simple things on our servers(Scheduled task for example!), yet constantly told me how much better she was than me because of her education etc. And was also a big time mac supporter always putting down Windows/Windows users..and she's almost at six figures. This may not be directly thier fault but I sure don't appreciate it

                                Idiotic lawsuits!

                                Removal of Youtube and google maps from iOS?

                                For everyones enjoyment: Jimmy Kimmel had people review the "iPhone 5" which was just a 4S :P