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    iPhone 5

    Apple has announced the iPhone 5. I'm excited.

    World's thinnest smartphone. 4G LTE. 16:9 4" Widescreen Retina Display. iOS 6. Pre-order September 14th, own September 21st.

    It runs 4G LTE, 4G (HSPA+), 3G, and more. And Apple claims it does it best (of course) by being way more efficient in combination with a big battery.

    A6 processor in a new reduced size.

    The original Retina Display, now longer in a 16:9 Widescreen ratio.

    Entirely glass and aluminum body with precision micron-accurate parts matching (the pieces are microscopically photographed and then matched with the best fit out of 725 pieces during manufacturing to create incredibly accurate glass/aluminum fittings).

    Compared to iPhone 4S it is 18% thinner (making it the world's thinnest smart phone), 20% lighter, and 12% less total volume.

    New camera with sapphire glass, smaller lenses with new adjustability for better low-light performance and 40% faster image captures.

    Panorama feature for up to 28MP shots and a proprietary echo removal software for a better final result than other panorama developers.

    Lighting connecter replacing the 30-pin connector. All-digital, 8-pins, smaller, and best of all, reversible so there is no wrong way to plug it in.

    Apple EarPods to replace the previous included headphones. Boasting high-quality improved sound and a better fitting shape.

    FaceTime over cellular network with a new 720p HD front-facing camera.

    Apple's new proprietary Maps software developed with vector graphics and 3D modeling capabilities.

    New Siri commands including sports stats and scheduling, restaurant reservations, and movie times with reviews.

    Passbook to organize your in-app cards, coupons, passes, tickets, and more without needing to open the individual apps. It recognizes time and location so it knows to offer you your boarding pass when you get to the airport, your Starbucks card when you approach your favorite location, or your movie ticket when the 9PM show is coming up.


    As expected. Biggest disappointment for me is that the base memory is still 16gb! That's 4 models now that have used the same base memory.



      A very MEH showing from them: Funny thing is it reads off like a galaxy S3 besides the A6, lots of humor in that

      Why Meh?

      Common issues people have with it:

      -another proprietary connector, all old docks etc. are useless; probably can buy adapter for $50 :|

      - no sim card

      - Odd resolution

      - Old apps won't run full screen

      I hope it's blocked due to infringine LTE patents that HTC and Samsung hold and then everyone says F that patent system because it's ridiculous and make the damn phone and STFU.



        The iPhone 4 was the first to set the base storage at 16GB. The upcoming iPhone 5 is the third model to do so. I have only filled my iPhone to 10GB, so I'm okay.

        There is a SIM card in the same location as the past two models.

        The resolution is designed by Apple to be ideal for manufacturing and to live up to the Retina Display principle of making pixels indistinguishable from average viewing distances.

        Apps will be updateable to the new resolution. How does this work on Android since there are so many different screens out there?

        The iPhone is the only device I use with their proprietary connector, so it is the only one I will need to replace the dock for, but that obviously will vary for other people.



          ya..not that excited...

          lets see how the battery life is and how hot it gets..



            very meh.

            It's not the worlds thinnest smartphone, the Droid Razr is.

            Another proprietary connector port, just to rip people off with new accessory sales. They could have easily joined the industry standard of micro USB.

            Still has less pixels than the Galaxy Nexus, still has no NFC, just now is getting most of what was already on the Galaxy Nexus and/or Jelly Bean.

            The 725 photo matching manufacturing thing is a flat out lie. That's not cost effective in the least and no company would go to those lengths. In fact, China is emptying out Universities and making the kids work 12 hours a day 6 days a week in factories assembling iPhone 5s. That's right, your purchase of an iPhone 5 supports child slave labor. Real excitement.



              I'm not a big tech guy. I am really not one to get too interested in all the debates that instantly rage whenever Apple comes up. I have had a couple droids and I have had one iPhone (4S). I like the iPhone a lot (read: A LOT) better than the droids for a variety of reasons that matter to me as an informal user.

              It may be Apple imperialism, but I use iTunes and an iPad (though no iMac) and having an iPhone just makes them all work easily together.

              The one thing that I get hung up on with them, that wasn't better with droids IMO, is the battery life.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                iphone 5 is HOT...not!

                @Jordan: "China is emptying out [strong]Universities[/strong] and making the kids work 12 hours a day 6 days a week in factories assembling iPhone 5s. That's right, your purchase of an iPhone 5 supports [strong]child slave labor[/strong]. Real excitement.

                damn, they should all go in the MENSA club. Joke aside, it's not just Apple.



                  Droid Razr is thicker due to its bump on the top which makes it so it doesn't sit flat.

                  Samsung once complained that they had a phone thinner than iPhone 4 on sale, therefore meaning Apple had falsely advertised. Turns out, the courts measure from the thickest point on the phone, leaving Apple in the clear with their designs being evenly thin all the way across. Bumps on the phone do indeed add thickness.

                  Apple uses the same factories as most electronics giants. Let's not act like there's equivalent designs available everywhere made by casual buddies in Sweden with reasonable work hours.

                  There is nothing wrong with the proprietary connector unless you just personally don't like them. I use them with no problem.

                  The pixel density is fantastic, so I don't think anybody needs to one-up the Nexus in that department. Apple started the pixel density jumps with a standard in mind that spawned the name Retina Display. They still reach that standard beautifully.

                  The matching process doesn't sound that crazy to me. They just pass down a machine-operated assembly line and the machine picks the two best matching edges out of each batch of 725 pairs it receives. It isn't done by hand or anything.



                    A disappointment. I think I'll be migrating off iOS to Android after all.

                    If you're tempted, consider this firsthand report of worker conditions at a Foxconn factory:



                      Sounds like cannon is ok with paying a company 60% profit margin for a lesser product.



                        @Jordan - That doesn't make sense to me. Apple's phones don't cost unusual prices in the smartphone market, especially considering the consistency and materials. Do plastic phones made by all the other Android producers in the same factories really seem like they charge much closer to their costs? Apple charges what they feel is appropriate for their brand and goals. I am not asking them for a bargain. Nobody tells Tom Ford he is overpriced because people get what a name and design adds to a brand.

                        I love the products, so it's worth every penny to me. And lesser is totally subjective. It has more than the features and storage I use.

                        I find the bodies to be fantastic all glass and aluminum designs. I like the weight, and my time with Android just a few months ago was awful to me.

                        There's good reason why iPhone is the most memorable name in phones, and its got more to do with its highest rates of customer satisfaction than infamy over being part of a luxury-boasting electronics design company that people disagree with pricing on.

                        I think we all remember what phones and Android looked like before Apple jumped in. They're great to me.



                          Computers are not fashion accessories, they are tools. Apple has spit in the face of that concept and i'll be a happy camper when they are bankrupt again.



                            Lol. I'd put the internet discussions that occur about Apple products just one rung below internet discussions about politics. I will never understand how people get so passionate about an electronic device (both for and against).

                            It's a smart phone that does all the things that smart phones are supposed to do, and it does those well. I will be strongly considering it for my next phone.



                              I have to agree with Cannon. From someone who has used both, Apple products running iOS provide a much better user experience than Android. I'll take the iPhone 4S over any Android phone that is available today. Apple has proven with every product that it's not about the specs on paper, it's about the user experience. I guess it also helps that I'm a shareholder that has made quite the paper gains on their stock. So. they keep me happy all around.