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    random bitch session

    so today i was on the banana republic site looking for that bridge coat. i didnt see it but was wondering how the "brown topcoat" looked so i clicked on it ( ). The price wasn't shown so i clicked add to cart to see how much it came up at. to my surprise, it showed up as $0.00. that's right; free. wondering if the site was down, i added a couple of other things to my cart but the prices for those items showed up. so i ended up buying the coat, paying $7.00 for shipping (no free shipping since it was less than $50). i even got an email confirmation receipt showing the price for the coat at zero.

    i figured it was too good to be true and it was. about an hour and a half later i got an email from br saying that they cancelled the order and refunded my card for the seven bucks. then just got this email:

    Thank you for your recent order, ########. As we were processing your order, we found that the Brown wool topcoat you ordered had been incorrectly priced on our website. As a result, these items from your order have been cancelled.

    We apologize for any disappointment and hope to shop with you again soon.

    like i said, i cant be mad that i didnt get it, but it wouldve been cool to. ok thats all, my random bitch session is over.


    I have a feeling there will be a running of the brides style stampede for that bridge coat.

    Dress for style, live for results.






        I think we are all on Bridge Coat watch right now.



          I am not a huge fan of Walmart but I like how they and other stores will put all items they stock on their website and let you know whether you can get it online or in stores. It would be cool for more retailers to do that.



            A few months ago, I ordered a coat from Gap, but they decided that it wasn't in stock anymore (while still available from the website) and cancelled my order. I wasn't happy.



              And yet the ironic thing is that GAP/BR make it next to impossible to cancel an order once you have placed it which is incredibly annoying since there is no reason for it. They don't provide a way to do it online, it can't be done by email since by time they reply it will be too late, and the only way they do offer is by phone which they make very difficult to use. I love BR/GAP products but their customer service in this respect is just awful.



                Bobby V- dont you wish BR/GAP is similar to zappos/6pm. They had a glitch on pricing and every shoe was priced at $50. Instead of emailing everyone for a refund, the company just ate the cost.



                  I've never had an issue when dealing with BR's customer service over the phone. They've always been polite and as helpful as they can.

                  I'll wait for a 40% off coupon to buy that bridge coat.



                    Vicious - I have a feeling the stock of that coat won't make it to 40% coupon territory.

                    Remember that items are marked "New Arrival" for their first month or two on the rack, and coupons generally exclude New Arrivals.



                      @vicious49 - Have you canceled an online order? Let me know how you did it because I've had nothing but issues with it, mainly that they obfuscate the process. Other places like Amazon, Endless, Zappos etc make it very simple and web based if you change your mind. BR does not.

                      The other thing is is you a card member, GAP/BR does not give you more than 3 months of statement, again in this day and age that is ridiculous. My local federal credit union gives me a year of statements online and they are as small time as you get.

                      I guess after using other sites like Zappos, you get kinda spoiled. More sites should run like them in my opinion.