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    Haha I get it! Like the bee was filled with collagen.

    Speaking of surgically enhanced, I always thought Dita Von Teese managed the retro style unbelievably well



      @Lib - Yeah, it's poking fun at the speculation around her 'bee-stung lips'. I don't encourage anyone to get plastic surgery, but for some reason I think it adds to her image with the whole vamped-up 60s siren, Hollywood-got-to-me-but-I-love-NYC, valley of the dolls look

      And did you somehow quote my post?



        Charlize Theron generally looks great:

        And now back to the usual:



          Cannon, care to explain your fascination with Del Rey? She has a sort of unique style for current times, but there are tons of women who originally had the look she is aping who you could obsess over, so why her? Not trying to insult or anything, just genuinely curious. To me her whole shtick seems very manufactured and contrived.



            @LakeCharles - This is a long one...

            Not liking her is fine. It is subjective, but there are some facts that really aid in her appealing to my tastes along with the music and references she includes in her image.

            I heard her music before I saw her image, and they match up to me. Her old lyrics from back before she changed her name still very much fit the same romantic fascinations and Hollywood obsessions that I assumed she had when I heard the references scattered throughout her current stuff.

            As I've mentioned, I'm aware she is blending some past figures and images to make hers now. I'm not sure what tons of women you think share her image or similar image that are still fairly young today. As far as I can tell, she is all about grabbing from 1940s to 1980s Los Angeles, NYC, and London wealth and entertainment icons (eras and stars that I have a predisposed dwelling weakness for).

            She's primary composer using a guitar and writer on all (ALL) of her songs, dating back 6-7 years ago, which I think is impressive compared to other artists in her category (she consistently seems to aim for cinematic symphonic melody laced with hip-hop production beats).

            I have no doubt that she has a stage persona she goes for, but I also have no doubt that she is creative and a great song developer.

            Nobody seems to care that other artists who failed on their original names and images went for another and succeeded (David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, any rapper, Katy Perry, Madonna, Elton John, Steven Tyler, etc.). It doesn't faze me that she clearly has changed her image to one that she and her team thought would work (which it did) to reach success.

            She made the change at a small label, so I'm not sure why the big label conspiracy comes around so often. She clearly was dwelling on the same fascination with dying young and the old school American Dream long ago in her lyrics.

            I can't seem to get over her description of her trouble explaining to producers and string composers with the "Born to Die" album to try to sound like American Beauty's score, early summertime Bruce Springsteen, and gangsta Nancy Sinatra. It turned out to be a great combo to my ears.

            Yeah, I think she puts on the image and she knows what she's doing, but it is definitely in part coming from the stars, movies, and ideals she personally liked. Its better to me than her not writing or composing.

            Considering the over 50 songs she posted herself online and the fact she is still releasing songs she had already released under previous names, I'd assume she's not trying to keep it secret that she's tried music releases before.

            She also edited film collages combined with her on webcam to make her early videos before having film budgets, and the sound on those certainly resembles her big-label self today.

            All the original drafts on her videos are written by her, and she helps cast and direct them all as well.

            And her favorite movies are The Godfather Parts I & II, and favorite soundtrack is Thomas Newman's score to American Beauty (which is an excellent score, to me, thus the string backing on her album perhaps gains more appeal using such influence).



              Haha. That was a long one. I guess it doesn't help for me that I don't really like the music (video games is pretty good but the rest is meh), but I wasn't saying that she's a bad person or anything because her look is contrived. However I do think there is a reason David Bowie, Rihanna, Elton John, Steven Tyler and the others you listed are not often listed as stylish men or women among this crowd, because their looks seems like a costume. Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm not trying to knock her as an artist or anything, just saying I don't think she is particularly "stylish" in a fashion sense, even though she does have an obvious style.



                @LakeCharles - Well, I wasn't confused into thinking that girls on the street should look like this or suddenly anyone could expect girlfriends everywhere to go from Banana Republic to Chateau Marmont. She's not the kind of girl you picture as a wife. More like she wants to look like the girl who just got hit by a whole lot of empty feelings at a Hollywood party, suddenly alone without her dreamy charisma-machine lover. She was a teenage alcoholic with some troublesome encounters, leading to the darker tone she's taken in her writing ever since. She seems like she is being innocent and soft-spoken, but then there's the occasional smirk that gives the idea she is all-knowing and vamping it up to draw you in. Or so I like to perceive it.

                The stuff she has wrapped into her image is appealing to me. Muscle cars, French palaces, white nightgowns, 60s fashion bathing suits, a husky Nancy Sinatra torchlight voice that jumps to a sultry whisper and then a Marilyn high, Jackie O skirts, London trench coats, angora sweaters, her old Mercedes convertible, California rock band t-shirts, Priscilla Presley headbands, Bond girl curls. It just all sounds like great art direction. Like being obsessed with bygone eras and the whole idea of losing it, all in a movie.

                Can you do me the favor and watch this video from where I set it to the end (I cut it in half, but you're welcome to watch the whole thing)?

                At the very least, I think it is visually well done (but I happen to think the song is great and uniquely dark for a pop single, too).

                And if you're up for it, maybe a minute each of these next videos to catch some of the concepts (or the whole thing ;D ):



                I realize the thread was asking for a different kind of style ( ), but I can't help but enjoy Lana Del Rey's. Sometimes it does look like it is meant for galas, premieres, or a movie about riviera romance in the 60s, but often times she dresses somewhat average and still fascinates me.

                I think her videos are stunningly good cinema in today's video market, whether the song hits you or not. And the album seems unique to me. Unless there is someone similar I am forgetting?



                  @LakeCharles - Oh god. I swear, my brain's not making a 16-year-old girl's 'Leave Britney Alone!' out of this. I just have bunches to say.

                  My favorite group is The Killers, and it helps that her new single 'Ride' is largely perceived to share the tributes their music plays to sweet Nevada burns and living.

                  True, that most of the people I mentioned have eccentric style, but I think part of my point was that image a key part of their career dynamic over some other artists. Adele has a better voice than Lana Del Rey, and on a classic scale, she's even a more acceptable writer to the public, but I'll bet people remember hardly a thing about her looks besides maybe her auburn hair and pretty face in a black dress. She's not an image. Jaguar doesn't want her on the car. H&M doesn't want her in their 60s commercial, GQ isn't putting her in a gown at Cannes film festival then taking it off. And that is okay, because it is strictly about the music for her. She is a vocalist, writer, and composer like Del Rey, but she is entirely notable for that and is seen by many as a greater talent for it.

                  Lana Del Rey falls short on stage and instead has a voice with seemingly multiple starlet girlfriend personalities trapped inside, none of them like Adele's power, all of them devastated by someone, but that's alright because people talk about her image and her retro appeal and vintage reminiscence and clever Lolita references. She wants people to get her image and music, and that they do reach into each other. She wants her face and clothes to be one of the things that people think of when she's gone in a disturbing way (somebody young dies in every video, a type of tragedy that she's seems very much moved by in all of entertainment's experiences with young talent and beauty dying or losing out) . The reason there are so many photos of her and so many songs leaked is because she is building on both. She does all the modeling contracts and grand videos because that's what the old actresses and worshipped singers got out there, too.

                  She wants her songs to be her songs, which is clear from the constant themes they've always had, but she wants her name and her face to sweetly look like a siren lost and found to all those who might care, too.



                    Hmmm how about Carey Mulligan?

                    In general I think it's much harder for women to be 'stylish' at a celebrity level in comparison to men, because there doesn't seem to be a uniform for them to wear.



                      @Lib - I posted a few of her and Peter Saarsgard over in Looks You Really Like. I thought she looked great in that. I prefer just about all women to keep their hair on the long side, but she certainly still looks nice.


                      Her co-star and Bond girl Rosamund Pike was gorgeous in it as well.



                        Katherine Hepburn

                        even more Lana Del Rey



                          No Natalie Portman?







                            Just watched Atonement. Keira Knightley's now-famous "green dress".

                            Not a tattoo guy, but with her... At least they are consistent with her writing themes:



                              Just something interesting: Megan Collins, the person behind (a website that I and I'm sure some of you frequent) was recently featued on GQ's website.




                                A cinematic, and in my opinion, beautifully shot short film (10 minutes) and music video directed by Anthony Mandler. Stirs those good ol' America and lonely nights on the outside feelings.