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Thrifting Suits in Iowa

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    Thrifting Suits in Iowa

    Hey hey guys!

    So, as I was thrifting the other day I went to the jacket sections, and for once I felt one that felt good. And when I picked it up, it looked about right, so I gave it a try. Walked to a mirror, sipped my arm down, it felt good then. The shoulder came right up, I reached back and put on the other, and shrugged my shoulders.

    I pulled smartly on it and looked up. It was a very light (weight), blue jacket. The shoulders were heavily padded though, and it broke it for me.

    I didn't get it. But, it got me thinking, I don't know anything about the decent thrift suits. I mean, sure if I came across an Isaiah, I'd recognize, and other such things.

    But, I'm in Iowa (Iowa City, University of Iowa), it's mostly old sears and jc penneys stuff. Or, it's suits from Men's Stores from the different towns. Which have some solid material, but nothing real amazing.

    So, I guess what I'm asking, are there any really common brands in a place like this that are worth getting altered?



    You might be better off looking at places like estate sales and vintage shops where the selection would be much older. I know it's cliche, but the phrase "they don't make em like they used to" often holds true. Learning to judge based on quality and not just label can be invaluable. Mervyn's for instance, didn't have he best reputation when they kicked the bucket, but I found a great Mervyn's brand lambswool tie that's got to be at least 40 years old at small town Goodwill.



      I don't live in Iowa and I have never visited, but here are some thrifting tips.

      Find the richest neighborhood near you and then find the thrift store that is closest to that area. People don't drive across town to donate their clothes. Thrift stores in nicer neighborhoods will have nicer clothes.

      As far as nicer brands go, has a great list

      As far a Iowa goes, I would guess that you'll find more of the big name nicer brands like Ralph Lauren over small fashion houses. I would focus on fit and quality over brand. Find out what costs the least to tailor. Avoid synthetics and fused suits. I've gotten some great suits and sport coats from thrift stores, but you strike out more than you get a hit. It's about finding the best store and going frequently. I have brooks brothers, hickey freeman, and oscar de la renta suits that all cost less than $15 bucks from thrift stores, but most of the time I leave with nothing.



        don't go by brand, some of that old unknown stuff is better made than a lot of products today. Some of the Stafford(JcPenney) sportcoats were made by Harris Tweed.

        Best bet would be to learn how to spot quality, got an Isaia suit at a Salvation Army and it stood out among the cheap suits like beacon calling out to me....

        Thrifygent has some articles on the subject.



          One other thing I forgot to suggest is to find out if your local Goodwill/Salvation Army sends all of their donations to a processing center or if they're just resold at the location at which they're donated. My local network of Goodwills sends stuff out to all their stores randomly, so it can be really hit or miss. But if I head up to Seattle, they send all the best stuff to certain stores where they can mark up prices a little bit.