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A Man's Bed Sheet Set...oxymoron?

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    A Man's Bed Sheet Set...oxymoron?

    What's so weird about a man in Bed Bath and Beyond rubbing a sample 1000 count egyptian cotton bed sheet across his cheek?? Ok, ok, when you start to linger too long that mom's turn their children down the next isle to avoid you, you're spending too long on one sample.

    Yet on the other hand, how does one make the call on physical comfort by shopping online.

    So I'm reaching out to the community for recommendations on bed sheet sets. Something comfortable and soft, that looks masculine. I think a woman respects a man when she walks into his bedroom and sees a clean, welcoming, crisp, masculine bed.

    Questions I have:

    What material?

    How important is thread count really?

    Strips, Solid, Pattern?


    I'm drawn to the brand Valley Forge Fabrics the only maker of eucalyptus bed sheet sets but can't find good deals on it anywhere. Anyone tried this type sheet?

    I'd appreciate any insight, opinions, recommendations you have to offer...

    *I looked 5 pages back and didn't see a thread on this, so I apologize if it's already been posted before. First time poster, long time Dappered fan*


    I've had the best luck with egyptian cotton. I prefer a solid dark color but that's up to you. As for thread count it's important up to a point. I read a wonderful explanation once that I wish I could find, but essentially you can only fit so many threads per square inch before you hit some sort of critical mass. After that, they simply add on more layers or get creative in what they call "a thread" I believe sweet spot is somewhere between 400-600. Anything more and you're just paying for marketing.

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      I'm actually in the market for a new set of sheets. I know thread count is important, but is there anything else to look for? I know TJ Maxx and Marshalls always has a ton to pick from. Does anyone have any recommendations?



        I got this grey seersucker set. I used to hate duvet covers because they made my blanket less comfortable, but this cover feels amaaaazing.



          I like going the duvet cover/fitted sheet route with no flat sheet. Keeps the comforter clean and skips the annoying inner layer that always gets messed up.

          Egyptian cotton is the best, but I'm not that fussy. Anything but the cheapest feels the same to me. Can always ask a hotel what brand they use of you like theirs.

          I prefer white so you can bleach the snot out of any stains.

          Right now, we've got a satin stripe set in white that looks pretty sharp.



            I have to recommend Target's organic cotton sheet sets. My wife and I got some for our queen size bed, and they are wonderful. We like them so much, that when we were staying with my parent's for a while, we went and bought a new set for the bed we were sleeping on at my parent's house. They are fairly cheap too, and come in lots of colors.




              My preferences: White, decent thread count, and (somewhat optional) Egyptian cotton.



                Sorry, have to post this Aziz stand up bit, too perfect for this thread:

                Aziz Ansari - Sheets:



                  @NC, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to make jokes about bed stains that require serious amounts of bleach...

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    greg_s, I had the same thought. Did you notice that we have a "How small is too small?" thread, a "junk in the trunk" thread, and now a "stains on white sheets" thread?



                      What type of cotton doesn't matter so much as thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will be. Target has some decent higher thread count sheets that won't break the bank. Costco usually has some decent sheets, as well.

                      If you're concerned about masculinity, the best bet is probably a simple, solid light blue or something similar. Nothing wrong with white, either. Don't let yourself get roped into dark-colored sheets. My parents did that once, and my mom said she's never been more disgusted by all the dead skin flakes and other visible debris that accumulates on the sheets between washings.

                      Go simple, solid, light-colored. If you live somewhere cold, don't forget to get a second set in flannel! Flannel sheets make a huge difference in warmth and comfort when it's ball-freezingly cold out.

                      I've never had to buy or think about blankets or comforters since my mom is a serious quilter. The quilt on my bed right now is probably 20 years old and perfectly broken in.




                        I have a problem finding the right size. I use an 8" matress, and it seems like all readily available sheets are designed for the cartoonishly expanding "deep" matresses, which are now up to 20" thick. It's hard to find shallow-pocket (actually, normal-pocket) fitted sheets. The bizarre mattress sales industry wants your fitted sheets to just get deeper and deeper. Bizarre because there's no reason to make the matress thicker rather than just using a taller foundation. It's not like there's 16" of cushioning in a 16" matress.

                        So like any member of dappered, I have resorted to MTM sheets. Actually, they're just MTO, with pretty much any pocket depth you like. From a place called Cozy Town. They have a reasonable selection of fabrics, and I find that their 300-400 count products work best for me. I prefer simple solid colors. Warmer colors in winter, cooler in summer. Always cotton, preferably Pima or Egyptian.



                          Sorry guys. I'm going through a dry spell and am having a tough time keeping it off my mind!



                            The fact that virtually every thread includes a TWSS or otherwise sexual reference is what makes these conversations seem like any other with a group of guys. =)