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    Just for a point of reference here, what are we talking about when we say this takes more time to do? How long on average does it take to shave with a safety razor and how much longer than it took you with a mach 3 type?



      I can do a pretty good shave in under 10 minutes, not counting the shower. I do multiple passes with a mach III too. The only thing that takes longer is lathering, which once you know what you are doing, can be done pretty quickly.



        I don't mind the Merkur blades but I haen't really experimented around much yet. Any other good blade recs? I have also heard about feather's ninja sharpness (in fact they actually are japanese made I think) but I have heard a lot of people suggest that because they are so sharp, they aren't a good pick for beginning wet shavers. Better to get used to doing it for a bit before you start using those.


          The feathers are incredible. Smoothest shave I've ever had hands down. I'd agree they aren't great for beginners though.

          I know my username is dumb; blame 12 year old me.