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Save my face - need post-shave suggestions

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  • pkansa

    Are you using a cartridge razor, or a DE / safety razor? If cartridge, I'd recommend going the DE route - it's a much closer, less irritating shave.

    IF you're already on the DE track, then I'd recommend something from the Trumpers line for an aftershave lotion.

    Regardless of shave, I'd recommend Bump Patrol to attack razor bumps, and the Pacific Shaving Nick Stick to take care of cuts.

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  • mleetaft
    started a topic Save my face - need post-shave suggestions

    Save my face - need post-shave suggestions

    I've just found out that the product I have used for the last few years (Firefighter Plus by Origins) has been discontinued. I have tried the regular Firefighter, and it's not the same, and just not as good.

    So, I need suggestions for something similar -- this was the first stuff that was like magic on my face -- never again did I have burning/irritation after a shave. And, I liked that, so I want something similar.

    Obviously, I don't mind paying for something, but I don't feel like shelling out $20-25 on something that I'm going to hate sight unseen (so to speak).