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Save my face - need post-shave suggestions

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    Save my face - need post-shave suggestions

    I've just found out that the product I have used for the last few years (Firefighter Plus by Origins) has been discontinued. I have tried the regular Firefighter, and it's not the same, and just not as good.

    So, I need suggestions for something similar -- this was the first stuff that was like magic on my face -- never again did I have burning/irritation after a shave. And, I liked that, so I want something similar.

    Obviously, I don't mind paying for something, but I don't feel like shelling out $20-25 on something that I'm going to hate sight unseen (so to speak).



    Are you using a cartridge razor, or a DE / safety razor? If cartridge, I'd recommend going the DE route - it's a much closer, less irritating shave.

    IF you're already on the DE track, then I'd recommend something from the Trumpers line for an aftershave lotion.

    Regardless of shave, I'd recommend Bump Patrol to attack razor bumps, and the Pacific Shaving Nick Stick to take care of cuts.



      I love the "Truefitt & Hill" stuff. It's a bit pricey, but really pleasant to use. They do a sample pack for ~$10.



        Also if you're using a DE, try different blade brands.

        I'm currently thinking Derby, Astra Platinum and Merkur are all cut out with tin snips after some of my heavy beard shaves but I'm still new as well and if I get any substantial growth my face gets annoyed from beard alone.

        And water temperature also will affect things, shave in the shower with a cartridge for example worked quite well for me, and DE with a cold water splash prior seems to be better.

        As for post shave lotions...I've tried many, all seem the same and somewhat mild mild burn most of the time, eshave lime makes me hungry if that helps

        Vicious: You might have a softer beard than I, if I have minor growth all blades seem to work, but anything a few days over sharpness makes a difference. I need to try Bic blades still as they are apparently also quite sharp, and the feather line has even sharper blade



          Shadow - I've started using a safety razor a few months ago and I ordered a sample pack of about 8-10 different brands of blades to try out. They all seem to cut relatively the same for me. The Feathers might be a bit sharper, but not by much. I still have to go over certain areas multiple times like I had to with cartridges. The only difference is that I spend less now (if you don't count the initial investment) for blades than I did for cartridges.



            Great product:




              Proraso FTW!

              Shaving cream






                I'll just point out that the code blue secret is:

                Lidocaine: Topical pain reliever, gently and temporarily numbs the skin.

                I have found Proraso to be my fav shaving soap to use, seems to work the best for lubrication and keeping irritaion low.



                  I splash with cold water, and then use Nivea post shave balm. I've been using it for years, it's not too expensive and each bottle lasts a while.



                    I have a thick beard growth and sensitive skin, so no matter what I use there's irritation and ingrown hairs. Part of the reason seems to be that my hair follicles are so coarse and thick, and at times I've had maybe three hairs that appeared to share one root! I only wish the hair on my head grew as prolifically!

                    Anyway, I tried it all: DE razors, expensive creams and badger brushes, steamed towels, all manner of lotions and balms, soaps, scrubs, moisturizers, oils, you name it: been there, done that. After spending a small fortune, I found the one thing that works for me and makes my beard so soft that I can cut it quickly and easily without any irritation.


                    It's made for those trying to grow and maintain a beard, but I rub it over my face each morning before the hair grows in fully. It conditions the hair and makes it soft, which in turn makes it easy to shave and remove.

                    So if you're like me and have a thick, coarse beard, you may want to give this a try and solve the issue on the frontend rather than trying to lessen the pain and irritation after the damage has already been done.



                      I will second the Prorasso suggestion. I also soften my beard with a hot towel beforehand. It takes a while longer in the morning but my face is thanking me.



                        Shaving oil - apply it before you apply shaving cream

                        Shaving cream, not gel - gels contain alcohol and that can dry out your skin

                        with the grain first, then reapply oil and shaving cream - then go against the grain

                        after shave balm - I personally use Nivea and its work well for me.

                        I have a "thick" beard, not that it comes in thick at all, I cant grow a beard to save my life but the hairs are thick and I have sensitive skin.

                        I use shaving oil from The Art of the Shave, Every Man Jack Shaving cream, and Nivea after-shave. I use the Dollar Shave Club - Executive razor but was using the Fusion Powerglide before (which I feel is a better blade IMO but the price is right for the Dollar Shave Club)



                          Another vote for trying out different DE blades. For me, the best price/performance point has turned out to be the Wilkinson Sword, though I have loved the Feather blades. Different handles/shave angles can help too.

                          For those thinking about jumping into DEs, figure you'll need about $100 to get setup. After that, though, you're talking like $0.05/blade when bought in bulk.



                            I second the Proraso vote, I use nothing else.

                            Some people like an aftershave/moisturizer with SPF30 in it so it doubles as sunscreen. I think Every Man Jack produces one.

                            If you light cigars off a flaming $100 bill and wear a monocle, splurge for the Acqua Di Parma balm or lotion, but the pricepoint is shocking.



                              I LOVE this stuff. Face has never felt better post-shave.