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    I respect your position to disagree, but I don't like your reasoning. Where on god's green earth is it written down that a forum has to be non-threaded?

    I'm with Bryan on this one. Forums should be non-threaded. I read many forums, and not a single one of them is threaded. For me, the most important reason to keep it non-threaded is it makes it much easier to keep up with unread posts. All I have to do is scroll down to the first post I haven't read yet. With a threaded system, I would have to re-read the entire page looking for unread posts. That's not so bad for short-lived comment threads, but it's a pain for forum topics that can live on for months and grow very long. I'd much rather deal with reading quotes and @users.

    Along those lines, it'd be really nice to have links to take you to the first unread post. Some forum software will put a color coded icon next to each topic. The color code indicates if there are unread posts and if it's a topic you have posted in. Clicking the icon takes you to the first unread post.

    Polls, post-preview, rich-text editing, and draft saving would be nice too. I'm very happy there are no avatars and signatures cluttering up the posts.

    If you do want to look at alternate forum software (and I'm sure switching would be difficult), phpBB works really well from a reader perspective.



      With a threaded system, I would have to re-read the entire page looking for unread posts.</blockquote>

      Only if the software was implemented without attempting to solve that problem. There are several ways to solve that from a UI perspective that remove that particular burden from the user. You may not have seen it before, but it can be done.

      Anyway, I'm not going to argue. As much as I can exercise my professional muscle on this topic, I'm humbly aware that there's a subjective side to darn near everything. Thank you both for your feedback to my post.



        I'm also a software engineer (specifically working on the web), so professional muscle aside I agree this may still be subjective.

        Anyway, Hackworth also brings up good points about the ability to determine unread posts. That would be extremely helpful.

        On the topic of threaded conversations, the ability to put a name in the quotes would help too. I.E. most forum software allows you to do
        Originally posted by username
        Whatever you want to quote
        . That way people scanning the page can see who said what, in case someone is quoting something from far up the page.



          How about a "Critique My Look" or "What I'm Wearing" forum?



            "What I'm Wearing" would work best as a thread within the clothing forum IMHO, rather than its own forum.



              I like it so far, but can there be a way to make it easier to find what you need, or to easily find what people are talking about? For instance, I'll stop by once a day for a few minutes, is there a way I can be like "oh people are interested in this. I'll give it a look." Also, if it were integrated into the main site, it'd be nice. For instance, maybe include the top five (in your opinion or statistically) discussions from the past week in your weekly roundups. Otherwise, I like it.



                I'm a big fan of the minimalist forum as far as lack of Quote section (per user, with above mentioned witty quotes). I think that can sometimes take away from the forum itself.

                However, I do like the idea of being able to see post number and being able to give people +1 or what not.

                Avatars seems like a good idea, so long as they're kept small.



                  I'll second Jared's response. Dappered's users have proven a sense of maturity from the comments section of the main articles. I'm sure the freedom for a little personalization won't be abused.

                  Much props on the overall simplicity as well, I love the fact that I can browse at work and not look like I'm completely wasting my company's time! :P



                    A quote button would be great. I know I can copy/paste and add in some markup to quote, but it is much more intuitive/easy to just click quote and have it done automatically. Also support for img tags would be huge and cut down on the need for outside links.



                      Picture by name?

                      How's it done?



                        For the pictures by your name, use Gravatar:

                        Get an account using the email address you used to register here. Or use FB Connect, and it's automatic.

                        After you sign up it takes up to an hour to bubble across the interwebs and show up here.



                          when are we going to start the what are you wearing section?

                          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                            First of all, great job and thanks for setting this up! Agree with the simplistic format, at least at this point where discussion and numbers of users has remained relatively low. A couple things that may help with organization, especially as the board gets bigger and accumulates posts: When adding a new post - either make the Forum selection box higher/more prominent or force the user to select one. Additionally, perhaps giving examples of tags would encourage their use: Tags (comma separated, eg. shoes, advice, watches) Many new posts are simply in the clothing forum by default (that are clearly deals or accessories) with no tags. Encouraging or highlighting ways to organize will help it thrive and aid in avoiding rehashing the same topic.



                              One more quick aside, just noticed separated is spelled wrong below. I'm constantly making that mistake, so I noticed it. Keep up the good work



                                'New' tags! You know--on threads with new posts/new threads, a little indication that there's something you haven't seen before.