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    Dappered Threads Feedback

    'kay guys. Whattya think?


    nice start, i like the minimalism but a style discussion board that doesn't allow IMG tags is not going to be very successful!!!



      Also, need a "Preview" button for those who aren't very familar with using link and image(when they get added) tags. Otherwise there may be alot of broken links and pictures.



        I'm curious as to what software this is running on. Its nice and classy, if not a bit bare-bones

        you've probably considered this, but I'd suggest vBulletin. I think it costs money, but the tool set alone is probably worth it, and you might be able to get a slightly older version for cheap and it won't skip things like image embedding or previewing



          @Yakov -- Good call on the images. I'll see what I can do.

          @Joolander -- I've heard good things about vBulletin (a buddy runs this site This forum is running on bbPress.



            Definitely need a "Preview" button. I used blockquotes haphazardly just now. Worked ok, but I hit "Send Post" relying on equal parts faith and luck.

            While I'm a huge fan of minimalism, maybe some color? And definitely an image for use as an avatar. And a signature, too. Where else will I put witty quotes?



              i feel like we should be able to reply to a specific commenter like you can in the dappered comments section. you know, it tabs over to the right and whatnot.



                @Yakov -- We now allow IMG tags in posts. Enjoy!



                  How about forum subscriptions? Thanks.



                    a bit different. Its a little convoluted but i can follow it. Maybe dividing into sections would help (ie, shoes, tops, bottoms, outerwear, sweaters / jackets, etc.) Also is there any way to get pics up, maybe a What are you wearing section, w/o the stark remarks of style forum. I like to see what people wear so i have an idea of what works and doesnt.

                    Great job guys...

                    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                      I think we need a link on top so that we can go to the main Dappered site from threads (and back forth).

                      I did notice the small link at the bottom .



                        My thoughts as a fashion enthusiast
                        <ul>[*]I think we could use a few more forums other than the 4 available now, but I suspect it will grow with use.[/list]

                        My thoughts as a software engineer
                        <ul>[*]Non-threaded discussions are so 2001. Disqus, your comment engine, supports threaded discussions, you should have picked a forum tool that does this as well.[*]No post preview =([*]No rich-text editing - have to write HTML. Markdown, bbcode, or WYSIWYG are better choices[*]Bespoke user accounts. In the world of systems like Facebook Connect and OpenID, making people create yet another username and password is not cool - again - especially when your site's comment engine supports these.[*]Just glancing at the "Hot Tags" section it's clear users aren't seeing that tags are supposed to be comma-separated. Either switch to space-separated tags or provide more user guidance.[/list]



                          I agree with most comments above re image links and post preview, etc. Not a software guy, but it seems like most of the forums I frequent, and like using, use vBulletin.

                          The link preview on hover I always appreciate, especially when browsing off topic threads.



                            Disagree with Peter regarding threaded discussions. This is a forum, not a threaded comments system. I like how this system stays true to its roots. I don't think I've seen a true forum system with threaded conversations.

                            I agree with all of his other points though. I also wish the forum selection area wasn't stuffed at the bottom.



                              "Disagree with Peter regarding threaded discussions. This is a forum, not a threaded comments system"

                              I respect your position to disagree, but I don't like your reasoning. Where on god's green earth is it written down that a forum has to be non-threaded?

                              Real-life conversations amongst more than two people are not solely linear. These are not messages communicated via telegraph. This is not IRC. Forked/threaded forums are a better match for how people actually communicate in larger groups in-real-life. Just poke around this forum and you'll already see a plethora of "@" replies - there's two or three in this topic alone - even when the software doesn't allow for it, people attempt to have threaded conversations. If there's one thing I've learned from the writings of Clay Shirky, it's that members of a group will fill gaps in the software with their own systems, if they have to, but it's better if you give it to them in the first place

                              I've been studying social groups and how they interact with software, and developing that software for over 5 years. I'm not always right, but I'm comfortable with my position here that forums like this one should be threaded discussions.