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    Solo travel destinations?

    I've got a bunch of vacation days piled up I need to use by the end of the year, and I'm struggling to think of good ways to do so. I definitely want to visit another country, but I'm almost definitely going to have to go solo, and I've never gone abroad by myself before. Not that I'm afraid or anything, I'm just not very good at having fun by myself. Anybody here have any recommendations? I'd be fine staying in a hostel, and I generally lean towards bigger cities with good public transit. I'm looking to go for a full week, but would try and swing two weeks if there are good side trips I'd definitely want to do while I'm there.


    Any interests? What is your budget?

    If you are alone, I'd suggest thinking of some activity to do.

    EG: Go to somewhere tropical and do a 4 day scuba course.

    Do a bike tour somewhere.

    Do a meditation class in India.

    If you want something in Europe then pick two of England, Ireland, Amsterdam and visit them, staying in hostels.



      It's a bit more costly than Europe, but I spent two weeks traveling around Australia by myself a number of years ago. It's probably the most memorable trip I ever took.

      There are a lot of options in Australia, but if you have the time and the money look to hit multiple cities. Qantas has a number of multi-city deals for U.S. travelers.

      In the span of 12 days, I went from city to desert to rainforest:

      Sydney - one of the world's great cities with a great deal of cultural offerings, fantastic public transportation in the form of ferries and great beaches.

      Alice Springs/Ayers Rock - the outback. unlike anywhere else in the world.

      Cairns - home to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

      Pros: no language barrier, easy to get around, great weather in the fall (their spring) more natural diversity than you'll find in one place.

      Cons: it's a long ass flight (14 hrs from L.A. to Sydney), Sydney can be expensive.



        Sorry, interests would help, right? I like big, urban cities with good public transit that make it easy to explore. I like museums, music, food, and great architecture. Bike tour sounds great, but the times I've looked at tour operators the trips were expensive, and, no offense intended, seemed to be mostly a (much) older crowd. I'd try and recreate a trip myself, but I don't know what destinations would be good for a solo, multi-day trip (e.g. I'd prefer not camping if possible).

        I was looking at Europe, but it seemed like it might be pretty cold in the fall in most cities, which might make them less lively, though I of course could be wrong about that conclusion.

        Also, I (embarrassingly) can barely swim, so beach/water destinations are out until I learn (speaking from experience, as last time I took such a trip it sucked that I couldn't do most of the activities unique to the place).



          I've done a lot of solo travel, and although I like to get out in the country, when I'm visiting a big city I pretty much rely on mass transit exclusively. Amsterdam, London, and Paris are all excellent choices. Also Berlin, Munich, Madrid, and (although I can't vouch for mass transit), Dublin. If it were me, I'd stick to one city for anything less than two weeks. All the cities I've listed are excellent fall destinations.

          Solo travel has a lot going for it. Do what you want, when you want, change plans on a whim. I also find it a lot easier to meet the locals when I'm traveling solo, and meeting the locals and hanging out with them is one of the reasons I travel.



            Grandhotel Pupp of Casino Royale fame, of course.



            Or London if you're in a SkyFall mood.



              This thread interests me. Although I would prefer a tropical destination. Never traveled alone but thinking it might be a good thing to try, and also force me to meet new people and make the most of my time.



                Italy would be my suggestion. Great fall weather, incredible culture, tons of museums and history, and easy to get around. Go to Rome, Florence and Venice. Also, lots of folks know English (but do try out some Italian phrases). There's so much to do that you will not be lonely or bored being on your own (and it's easy to meet people there too). Avoid northern Europe and the British Isles in late fall -- terrible weather.



                  Flights to Budapest, Hungary tend to be the cheapest way into "almost" western Europe. Cheap to stay, eat, go out as well. It's an incredibly beautiful, often underrated, city. For solo trips I like going places that you wouldn't normally go with friends/ a gf/ spouse etc. Take the train from Budapest up to Vienna, take a day trip to Bratislava by ferry(Eurotrip anyone?), then hit Prague. If money is an issue try to stay around the edges of typical touristy destinations, don't make the trip to Berlin/Amsterdam/etc. If it's not, well then do it up. You can't go wrong.



                    @Ryan88, I could not agree more. Budapest, Hungary is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit. Eastern Europe is fabulous. Beautiful women all over the place, and homely dudes all over the place. It makes it easy to talk to beautiful women.

                    @trash, you sound like the kind of man that would like Asia. Budapest is pretty, but I have loved few cities like I loved Seoul, South Korea. I spent a month in SK, most of the time was in Seoul because I really enjoyed it.

                    Based on what people are writing, just go anywhere man. Don't overthink it. Plan a few activities and plan the rest when you get there. Hell, pick a continent and then throw a dart at a map. It's all about the adventure. I think I loved Seoul so much because I wasn't on an itinerary. I went, I ate, I drank. Vini vidi vici.

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                      If weather is not an issue, I'd say Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague. Italy and Greece are good weather-wise but I'm not sure if it'll be much fun solo.

                      If Asia is more appealing, I highly recommend Japan. Lots to see and do in Tokyo ad Kyoto, and you'll never feel like you're alone.

                      If you do go to Hungary, a word of caution about their trains. They have carpet on the ceiling. There is a hammer to break glass in case of emergency, but it is itself behind a glass pane. Oh, and don't even try to sleep at night. You will be rudely woken up by drunk and loud sixteen year old girls as they drink vodka straight out of a bottle. Not to mention that the trains stop in the middle of nowhere, with doors wide open, in the middle of freezing weather.



                        I spent a few weeks in Nicaragua in February by myself. Absolutely amazing. I traveled around to the different major cities and branched out to smaller places. Lots of live music, great food, cheap cheap cheap, beautiful beaches, great weather, anything you could possibly want to do.

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                          Nice thread. I've never traveled alone, but here are some places I think might be good (either from experience or rumor):

                          - Italy (food, museums). I'd skip Venice, it's mostly a tourist trap. Florence or Rome seem pretty cool,

                          - France (you said you like food, museums, architecture, and biking),

                          - Madrid (I've been there, and it's a very nice place, and there's a lot within the area for day trips)

                          - New Zealand (seems like a great place if you like outdoors)

                          - Buenos Aires (I think there's a lot of culture there)



                            I'm actually doing this in two weeks. Flying into Munich for a week then taking the train to Prague for another week. I've heard nothing but amazing things about Prague and after the research I've done, I'm looking forward to it even more!

                            IMO, it all depends on what you want to do. Hike, swim, walk around museums, etc. For what I enjoy (photography), Prague offers a lot. I'd say just do some research on your likes/dislikes and see what's out there. There's plenty!!



                              i often wonder the same thing but i am into going to beaches and relaxing. I go with friends and have with girlfriends in the past to places like mexico, florida etc. I am looking for a beach spot where i could go solo when i need a break and don't have a travel mate, but wouldn't feel out of place being solo. any ideas?